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Zander Barcalow was a pilot onboard the Rodger Young until its destruction. He is a rival of Johnny Rico as they both want to be in a relationship with Carmen Ibanez.

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Zander was a Jump Ball player in the team against Johnny Rico's. During the game, he fell into the crowd where when he got up, he talked to Carmen Ibanez. Seeing this, Johnny grabs Zander and told him to stay away from his girlfriend. Zander then talked to Carmen throughout the game which distracted Johnny during it. Rico was able to win the game however and Carmen ran to Johnny during the celebration to Zanders distaste.

During the High School's ball, when Johnny went looking for Carmen, he found her talking to Zander, who was now in a Fleet uniform. After Zander left, Carmen was amused that Johnny was jealous.

When Carmen Ibanez got her first transfer out of Fleet Academy, she was transferred to the Rodger Young, where she discovered that it was Zander, who was to train her in piloting a starship. It was on that ship that they remained on until it was destroyed over Planet P. Zander and Carmen ware both on duty during a quiet shift when the Rodger Young got in the way of a meteor damaging the ship. The Rodger Young was then repaired and sent to a fleet battlestation. During this time, he ran into Johnny, who he got into a fight with until they ware pulled apart by Johnny's friends.

When the Roughnecks called for a rescue ship at the Ambush at Whiskey Outpost, Zander and Carmen were the pilots who rescued the unit. When the landing boat landed, he jumped out and provided support fire until the troopers were onboard. Before they are board, he witnesses Dizzy Flores being stabbed four times by a warrior bug right in front of a terrified Rico, he, Ace, Watkin and unknown trooper help him save her. Then yelling "Tower let's go!" urged two troopers on the tower to run to the boat while they could; however, they got incinerated by a Tanker Bug that broke through the outposts' wall. After Dizzy dies in the boat, Zander informs Carmen that she should know that Rico is not been killed in the Battle of Klendathu, an enraged Rico then orders him to get on the comm and contact the fleet to glass that rock and he asks who authority and he replies that would be his and assumed command the mission, but the request is denied.

During the next operation, the Invasion of Planet P, the Rodger Young was hit by plasma and Zander, along with Carmen, abandoned ship onboard an escape pod. They tried landing safely on Planet P and the pod crashed into the side of a hill which broke open into a cavern where the pod came to a stop. They grabbed their weapons and faught off several Warrior Bugs that attacked them, but they got stabbed each and dragged down by the Arachnids that did not kill them. It was then that the Brain Bug entered the cavern. It moved up to Zander then brought out a large spike. Zander yelled at it "one day, someone like me is going to kill you and your whole fucking race!" before being stabbed in the head and having his brains sucked out. Starship Troopers


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