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This page is about the character from the television series, for the film character, see Zander Barcalow (film).

Lieutenant/Major Zander Barcalow is a former football player in high school, Barcalow joined the SICON fleet as a pilot and was ranked Major at the start of the Pluto Campaign. He started off as Carmen Ibanez's flight instructor in a drop ship. Other than transporting troops, Barcalow occasionally flew the air fighters to provide air support for the Mobile Infantry. Personality-wise, he was pompous and arrogant, which may have led to his constant interchange between Major and Lieutenant ranks. During mission-flights, he was known by the call-sign "Big Dog".


Becoming a BugEdit

  • First form
  • Second form
  • Second form

During the Tesca Campaign, Barcalow started a relationship with Dizzy Flores, which lasted until the end of the Zephyr Campaign, during which he was captured by the Bugs and became infected with an unknown virus by a Firefry, which gave him a Jekyll and Hyde complex. Things went worse during the Klendathu Campaign when Barcalow mutated into a humanoid Bug. He becomes bigger and Bug-like, but keeps his human intelligence. He nearly had the Valley Forge crash-land on Klendathu. He later died a noble death saving the Roughnecks after Dizzy reminded him "to play on her team".





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