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The Warrior Bug is the basic infantry of the Arachnid species, deployed on every front in all conflicts. Warriors can be reproduced in much larger numbers than other Arachnids, serving as the standard, general-purpose infantry while other types fulfill more specialized roles. They are capable of moving at 50 kilometers, or 31 miles, per hour.

Starship Troopers film universe[]

This page is about the Arachnid Warrior Bug, for the novel and other versions, see Warrior.

Biological details[]


A Warrior charging at its prey.

Warrior Bugs are quadrupedal Arachnids, approximately two to three meters long, with coloring that camouflages them to specific terrains. For example, desert Warriors are tan with black and yellow stripes. During the Invasion of Mars, some Warriors had small spikes along their abdomens, though whether this is a variant or a sign of alteration is unclear. The rearmost pairs of legs are much longer than the two front legs, serving as the primary means of locomotion, with the forelegs being one-third shorter. Warrior Bugs are agile and fast, capable of climbing and burrowing through many surfaces.

Warrior (FPS)

These bugs employ powerful pincer-like mandibles capable of crushing rock, metal, and severing limbs as their primary means of attack. Their two upper forelegs, or "side mandibles," function like swords for both offense and defense. While initially thought to grasp objects like a praying mantis, these limbs lack dexterity and serve solely for stabbing, slashing, or eviscerating. They are devastating in this role, extending over a meter, which is two feet longer than their forelegs and three feet longer than their actual mandibles. Warrior Bugs can "lose a limb and still fight with 86% efficiency," with the primary method of killing them being to "aim for the nerve stem."[1]

Warrior Bugs possess very tough exoskeletons, allowing them to withstand substantial firepower before succumbing to their wounds. This toughness provides a tactical advantage, especially since Arachnids attack in large numbers and can climb over the bodies of their fallen comrades, as seen at Whiskey Outpost. Losing individual Arachnids is a minor issue, as Mobile Infantry troops are heavily outnumbered. Unlike humans, Arachnids are unafraid to attack even against powerful weapons, leveraging their lack of pain and fear, along with their overwhelming numbers, to overrun enemy positions.

Warrior Bugs are capable of surviving harsh environments, including temporary exposure to the vacuum of space. This ability is exploited by the Arachnids to outflank unsuspecting Federation forces, as demonstrated during the Battle of Fort Casey. It is unclear whether Warriors breathe air and can hold their breath for long periods or if they survive through some other method.

Warrior Bugs appear to be the primary agents in Arachnid colonization efforts and can reportedly reproduce among themselves to produce more Warriors and eventually other Arachnid forms.[citation needed]. This suggests that a single Warrior Bug could initiate a planetary conquest, though it remains unknown whether they possess the intelligence to retreat and rebuild without the direction of a Brain Bug or Queen.

In combat[]

071031 starship hmed 1p hmedium

Warriors attacking Whiskey Outpost


A Warrior picks off a Marine away from his squad.


During the Battle of Klendathu, Warrior Bugs charged enemy troops, leveraging their superior speed and overwhelming numbers. This tactic proved effective in the First Bug War, as the Federal Military, inexperienced in fighting the Arachnids, employed ineffective ground combat strategies, resulting in severe casualties for the Mobile Infantry. At Whiskey Outpost, Warrior Bugs used the bodies of fallen comrades to form a ramp, demonstrating their adaptability in combat.

Eleven years after the Klendathu System Campaign and amidst the Second Bug War, the United Citizen Federation's equipment and tactics against the Arachnids' Warrior Bugs had become significantly more effective. Consequently, Warrior Bugs developed new battlefield tactics beyond simply swarming the enemy in large groups. They began picking off Federal soldiers and withdrawing out of the line of fire to eliminate their targets. Another tactic involved a lone Warrior letting out a loud roar to alert allies of the enemy's presence and call for reinforcements.

Warrior Bugs can be used to clear minefields by triggering mines, though this is typically reserved for extreme cases as Chariot Bugs are more commonly used for this task. Warriors can also act as decoys to lure troops into ambushes, traps, or areas of attack, and can serve as scouts or patrols.

During the Battle of Fort Casey, various Warrior Bug variants were deployed by the Queen, including a large red one, the "Super Tank" Bug, which spits a purple corrosive liquid at troopers. Some Warriors also shot plasma during the battle.[2] In both this battle and the subsequent Battle of Mars, Warriors demonstrated a strategic shift in their use of mandibles, targeting the weaker neck area of the Power Suit from above rather than attacking the torso.


Anatomy of the Arachnid Warrior

Anatomy of the Arachnid Warrior

  • Bug Type: Soldier
  • Length: 13'9.4" - 16'4" / 4.25 - 5 meters
  • Height: 9'10" / 3 meters
  • Countermeasures: Fire at the Nerve Stem


Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles[]

This page is about the Arachnid Warrior Bug, for the novel and other versions, see Warrior.

The bulk of the Bug armies, the Warrior Bugs are about the size of large horses and scuttle around on four spindly legs. They attack with two spiked razor limbs and their razor-edged mandibles which can bite a person in half if they get close enough. Warrior Bugs are relatively weak against standard-issue weaponry, but they make up for this with large numbers. These Bugs have also proven to be able to climb up walls and dig underground.


Warrior Bug closeup Pluto

Warrior Bug closeup

Warrior Bugs were first encountered by the Roughnecks during the Pluto Campaign. They were subsequently featured in almost all following campaigns (with the exception of the Zephyr Campaign).


Starship Troopers: Miniatures Game[]

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The Warrior Bugs are the main Arachnid deployed by the species. They are based on the appearance of the Warriors of the Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles.

Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game[]


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Warrior TV 2Fangs

Mandibles of Warrior Bug (note lower mandible with two fangs).

  • While all Warrior Bugs in the second and third movies are rendered with CGI, if you look closely, their corpses don't seem to be CGI.
  • The lower mandible of the TV version Warrior Bug with two fangs differs from the movie version, which has only a single fang.
  • In the 2005 video game, there were three additional variants:
  1. Tiger Spitters: that can shoot green acid in close range.
  2. Tiger Shards: these types appear in blue/cyan color, and in long range can shoot acid to the player.
  3. Tigers: They appear common and appear in yellow with black stripes and some metal parts on their body.




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