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The Warrior as shown in the 1976 board game.

A Warrior (or Warrior Bug, sometimes Soldiers) is bred to serve as the infantry of the Bug forces. A Warrior is single minded and relentless.

Starship Troopers novel[]

Pseudo-Arachnid Warriors are said to be as intelligent as a human and use deadly directed-energy weapons.

However, they wear no armor and rely solely on wave tactics to overwhelm enemies, serving as little more than cannon fodder.

They apparently fight purely on instinct, and are biologically incapable of surrendering or retreating. However, they are smart enough to know when the enemy has surrendered and take them prisoner.

It should also be noted that they are likely neither insects nor real arachnids genetically according to the description by Juan Rico as "a madman's depiction of a spider", and referred to as Pseudo-Arachnids. They are also not described as being nearly as savage as their movie counterparts.

Starship Troopers anime[]

The Warrior as seen in the 1988 anime Starship Troopers.

"Warriors" are the infantry of the Alien forces.

Unlike their counterparts in other media/universe, the Warrior in the 1988 anime Starship Troopers are bipedal polyp-like creatures possessing tentacles, able to cut metal plates, and integrated biological weapons capable firing beam or globules of a sticky explosive compound at high muzzle velocity. "Johnnie" "Greg" "Carmencita"

Instead of wave tactics, they fight as a team, much similar to the Mobile Infantry in the novel. "Johnnie" "Greg" "Carmencita"

A Warrior is spread/split out from a huge mass of Arachnids, which can travel in outer space. It can hardly scanned by the radar. A Warrior can attach itself onto any surface, even penetrate the wall of a space shuttle. "Hendrick" "Greg"

It is not mentioned whether Warriors are as intelligent as their novel counterparts.

Starship Troopers films[]

Main article: Warrior Bug

A Warrior bug from the film universe.

In the film universe, Warrior bugs are four-legged bugs approximately two to three meters long and are colored as to the terrain, such as desert Warriors will be tan with black and yellow stripes. The rearmost pairs of legs are much longer than the two front forelegs, and serve as the primary locomotion, the forelegs being 1/3 shorter. Warrior bugs are quite agile and fast, they can climb and burrow if needed but would rather use tunnels made by burrower bugs.

These bugs utilize a powerful pincer-like mandible that is capable of crushing rock, metal and severing limbs as a means of attack. The two upper forelegs or "side mandibles" are utilized in the manner of swords for attack as well as defense. It was thought to use these as 'hands' for grasping objects in the manner of a praying mantis. This is in fact not the case as a warrior has no dexterity with them and as such they are merely stabbing and slashing implements. They are devastating in this role as they reach out to well over a meter, 2 feet further than their forelegs or 3 feet further than its actual mandibles. It is said that they can lose a limb and still fight with 86% efficiency. Starship Troopers Also, it would seem that warrior bugs have very tough exoskeletons, being able to take a large amount of fire before they succumb to their wounds.

Eleven years on weapons and tactics used against Warrior bugs prove to be more effective. Warriors bugs hence are able to be killed with lesser amounts of fire. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles[]

Main article: Warrior Bug

The lower mandible of the TV version Warrior Bug with two fangs differs from the movie version Warrior Bug, which has only a single fang.

Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game[]

Main article: Warrior Bug

Contrary to the film version, the RPG Warrior Bugs have four legs of the same size, the forelegs not being 1/3 shorter. Also the lower mandibles have two fangs.

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