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The face of a Transport Bug.

The Transport Bug is a large subspecies of Arachnids used as a type of organic starship by the Bug hordes.


This breed of Bug is capable of interstellar space flight and travel through the cold vacuum of space with ease and serves as a type of transport for the Arachnid hordes. They were massive and second only to the large Ice Bug in size with them appearing as an elongated creature with a hardened carapace protecting their body not only from the hostility of space but from weaponry as well. Their heads are protected by foldable armor which opened up to reveal the creatures face. By its abdomen were numerous orifices where thrust was generated which allowed the Bug to fly both in an atmosphere and in space. Whilst on a planet, the creature also had four wings that extended from its body which provided it with lift to rise from the ground and into the air and eventually into space. Once there, the wings retracted back into the body where they were safe from harm.

By the sides of the beast were numerous folds of its skins that served as entry ways that allowed access into deeper parts of the body. The creatures large size meant it was capable of carrying countless number of Bugs inside its own body and was often used to deliver eggs throughout the Arachnid colonies. On some occasions, there are noted to be Warrior Bugs inside the body to protect it from intruders. A vital element in its ability for interstellar travel is the use of water and the creature stocked up on this supply from planets that contained that element. It typically descended under the water where it traveled for some time and used kidney type organic sacks inside its body to store the water for later use.

A larger variation of the Transport Bug is known as the Super Transport Bugs which are a much more massive version of their smaller kin.


A Transport Bug on the surface of Pluto.

During the start of SICON's War with the Bugs, the existence of the Transport Bug was unknown and many believed that the Arachnids were an indigenous species that lived on Pluto. However, at the end of the Pluto Campaign, Mobile Infantry troopers from the Roughnecks made the first encounter with the large Transport Bug which arrived on Pluto to deposit eggs onto its surface. This proved that the species were not native to that world but were an extraterrestrial species that used this massive breed of Bug to travel through the stars. The Transport Bug after accomplishing its task departed but not before a Fleet element followed it in order to find the homeworld of the Arachnids.

Following the creature to a watery planet called Hydora, SICON engaged in a second conflict with the Arachnids in what became the Hydora Campaign. However, it was discovered that whilst Hydora was a Bug colony, it was simply a refueling site for the Transport Bug which required an intake of water as part of its long interstellar journey. After stocking up on this supply, it prepared to depart though trooper Johnny Rico along with Carl Jenkins and Robert Higgins became trapped inside the large Arachnid whilst it was preparing to depart from Hydora. Leaving behind an explosive device before exiting the beast, the Roughnecks managed to destroy the Transport Bug before it could leave the planet.


A second Transport Bug was later discovered on the Skinnies homeworld of Tophet where it remained within the Xylon mines. The Arachnids had been using Control Bugs to mind control the Skinnies and used them to mine Xylon for the Bugs own use and stocking it in the Transport Bug. After freeing Colonel T'Phai from Control Bug infestation, he revealed the existence of the Transport Bug. During a fight with the Bugs in the docking bay underground, the Transport Bug attempted to flee with its store of Xylon but trooper Rico and Isabelle Flores planted explosives on its carapace and detonated it whilst it was fleeing the world.

The third Transport Bug encounter came on the Arachnid homeworld of Klendathu during the Klendathu Campaign. During the assault on the Queen Bug, the leadership Arachnid attempted to escape harm and fled into a Transport Bug. Trooper Carl Jenkins tried to use his enhanced psychic powers to hold the Transport Bug in place in order for the rest of his squad to take it out along with the Queen but its large size proved to be too much for Jenkins and the Transport Bug fled the planet - on a course to the planet Earth.


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