The Tiger Bugs are a stronger variant of the Warrior Bugs. As the name suggests, they have tiger-like stripes. They are much more aggressive and have chitinous armor plates, rendering it completely immune from weapons with poor piercing capabilities, such as the Morita IV Assault Rifle. The Morita Assault Rifle however, can pierce through their armors, making it an ideal weapon against them.

Variants Edit

The Tigers have two variants, the Spitter and the Shard.

  • Tiger Spitter
The Tiger Spitter still has a physical shape similar to Tiger Bugs except for the lower jaw, which lacks a hook that the former two bugs have, and their glowing green color. The Tiger Spit attacks with its front legs, mandibles, and raptorial legs; more commonly, the Tiger Spitter preferred to attack from a distance utilizing a corrosive liquid that it could propel at attackers.
  • Tiger Shard
The Tiger Shard has roughly the same physical shape as Tigers, but the Tiger Shard has maroon, yellow, and blue markings along with many spines on its body. Tiger Shards can attack with their front legs, mandibles, and raptorial legs, similarly to the Spitter, the Shard can use a ranged attack to keep enemies at bay through firing solidified bolts of plasma. This is mostly only used within medium ranges and Tiger Shards are more than willing to charge headfirst and resort to close combat.

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