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The Tesca Campaign takes place on the jungle moon of Tesca Nemerosa. During this campaign, the Skinnies joined SICON's military forces to fight against the Arachnids.


Episode 16: "No Substitue" Tesca Nemerosa: Day 6[]

Colonel T'Phai — the Skinny who was partially responsible for Carl's fried brain — joined the unit just as they were assigned the task of taking Zegema Beach as part of the Tesca Nemerosa campaign. Needless to say, the Roughnecks do not exactly welcome T'Phai with open arms. Ultimately, T'Phai proved himself by risking his own life to save the squad from ambush. Thanks to his actions, the Roughnecks won the day; taking the beach. T'Phai finally gained acceptance — from everyone but Rico, who refused to forgive him for what happened to Carl. "No Substitue"

Episode 17: "...And Then There Were Two" Tesca Nemerosa: Day 23[]

As the squad went on reconnaissance in the Tesca Nemerosan jungle beyond Zegema Beach, Rico still refused to accept T'Phai into the unit. However, as a giant cave Jungle Spider abducts the Roughnecks one by one, Rico and T'Phai were left alone and forced to work together, even as T'Phai's malfunctioning powersuit had turned him into a true liability. In the end, they teamed up to defeat the Bug, rescue the unit and saved T'Phai from hypothermia. "...And Then There Were Two"

Episode 18: "Marauder" Tesca Nemerosa: Day 45[]

After Gossard received a minor injury, Rico was assigned a Marauder for the Roughneck's next mission: they were heading upriver to capture a Brain Bug. However, there's no Brain there. Instead, they find a "nursery" for the creation of new and dangerous species. Razak called in an airstrike, but Rico was separated from the squad as his Marauder runs out of juice. They rescued him before the airstrike, but not before a Jungle Spider impaled him. It's touch and go as to whether Rico would survive. "Marauder"

Episode 19: "Liquid Dreams" Tesca Nemerosa: Day 48[]

Rico, hovering in a coma between life and death, flashed back to High School with Dizzy, Carl, Carmen and Razak, and Basic Training with Drill Sergeant Zim. Meanwhile, the Roughnecks battled to keep Rico alive when a monsoon knocks out all power (including his life-support) at the Zegema Beach Hospital. In the end, the squad solved the power problem, and Dizzy talked Rico into rejoining the land of the living — only to watch him bond with Carmen. "Liquid Dreams"

Episode 20: "Heart" Tesca Nemerosa: Day 61[]

While Rico recovered from injuries at the hospital at Zegema Beach, the Roughnecks map strange tunneled out in the jungles of Tesca Nemerosa. They seemed to be constantly at each other's throats, and it soon became clear that Rico was the "glue" that held the Squad together. Meanwhile, Rico's hearing strange noises and convinced that Bugs were going to attack the base. Doctor Sharaabi attributed this to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and planned on giving Rico a Section 8 and a complete mind-wipe. In the end, Rico proved that Tanker Worms have been digging tunnels under the base to facilitate a sneak attack of Control Bugs. Rico saved the day and winded up getting a first kiss from Carmen, while a jealous Dizzy and Zander look on, having sneaked a few kisses of their own. "Heart"

Notable Combatants[]


  • During this campaign, Jungle Spiders, Pit/Tanker Worms, Nursers, Minions, Seal Sharks, and Razorback Crocs are encountered by the Roughnecks for the first time.