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Strategically Integrated Coalition Of Nations
  • Interestellar federation (de jure)
  • Terran government (de facto)
Race(s) Human
Leader Federal Council
De facto leader Sky Marshall Sanchez
Armed forces

Federal Armed Forces:

Base/capital Earth
Currency Terran?
Holiday(s) Unknown
Official language
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • English (major language)
  • Other minor languages
Formed from United Nations Organization (UNO)
Established Century XX
Status Active

The Strategically Integrated Coalition Of Nations, SICON for short (but most troopers affectionately call it "Psycho"), is the military branch of Earth's government (The Federation). Their current mission is to fight the threat of the Arachnids.


After Operation Pest Control, the world unites as SICON, having trained troopers for the war against the Bugs. But when it was apparent that the Bugs were not native to Pluto, SICON dispatched its fleet through the galaxy to combat the Bugs. On several planets, SICON was forced to invest many battalions worth of troopers and fleets of ships to dislodge the Bugs each time. Eventually, however, this chain led them to Klendathu, the Bug's homeworld, where they commenced several operations to put the Bugs down for good.

But eventually, the Bugs came crawling up to Earth's doorstep. The Battle for Earth raged on, and several important places like Buenos Aires, Washington DC, San Francisco, Paris and many others felt the wrath of the conflict. How the battle finally ended is never specified.



  • Before entering training, all recruits must be sworn in by taking the THE S.I.C.O.N. MILITARY SERVICE OATH.