Stranded is the 12th episode of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, originally airing September 2, 1999. It is part of the third story arc, The Tophet Campaign.


Lt. Razak, suspicious of a lull in the Bug offensive, investigates the area with Higgins in a surface skimmer. The pair spot a huge Bug migration and call in an air strike. Unfortunately, their Skimmer crashes. Left without communications and with the Bug horde advancing, they attempt to find a nearby unmanned relay station to call for pick up before the air strike. Along the way, Higgins and Razak start to form a bond. Meanwhile, the Roughnecks strike out on a Search and Rescue mission for their lost comrades. Eventually, the squad finds Razak and Higgins in the nick of time. United, they fend off the Bug horde until Carmen can pick them up just seconds before a Zander-lead air strike vaporizes the area.


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