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Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy is a real-time tactics video game developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment and published by MicroProse on October 28, 2000. The game is based on both the 1997 movie Starship Troopers and the book Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein.


Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy is a real time strategy game based upon on the movie Starship Troopers and the original novel by Robert A. Heinlein.

This is one of the few strategy games where you cannot build a base and recruit units. Instead you lead up to three squads into combat. Each squad contains a leader, five soldiers and one specialist (medic, engineer, PSI for detecting hidden bugs, MIST-Trooper as a sniper). During a mission there is no reinforcement and you are outnumbered by the bugs. The enemy units are not very intelligent, but they use their own special abilities like splitting acid and are very powerful. There is a wide range of enemies, from simple close-range fighters to suicide units, artillery bugs and even human soldiers. The mission objectives are also different. From simple hunting missions up to escorts or the capturing of bugs.

The game also have a RPG part. Surviving soldiers gain experience points for each killed bug / destroyed bug holes. By and by the soldiers increase their states and acquire higher ranks. Better battle suits (armor) and stronger weapons are only available for soldiers with high ranks. The basic soldier (called Cap Trooper) have no armor and is an easy prey for the bugs. Besides the experience points you gather upgrade points for your equipment for e.g. increase the damage of the weapons. Another aspect of the RPG part is that you can equip each of your soldiers individual with up to two different weapons and two tech-items (like bombs or toxic gas).

The graphic of the landscape is low on details, everything looks post apocalyptic. Much better is the combat graphic and the explosions. The cutscenes are made with the in-game graphic. Besides the sound effects your soldiers all have a voice to confirm your orders.


The game is divided into three acts following the player's Mobile Infantry platoon from the start to the end of the war.

Act 1[]

On October 18 2369, the player's platoon is first deployed to Klendathu at the start of the war only for the mission to end with a general retreat. The player's platoon, however gets stranded during the evacuation and is forced to deal with Plasma bugs to facilitate extraction, while saving any allied MI squads in the area. Shortly after Klendathu, on November 23 2369, the player's platoon is sent to Zegema Beach to extract a supply convoy in the area. Shortly after Zegema Beach, the player's platoon is deployed to the Arachnid Quarantine Zone in Dantana to save the local civilians in the area, while capturing a live Arachnid specimen in the process on January 20, 2370. The last two missions for this act take place in Planet P on February 28 and March 1, 2370, where the player is deployed to secure Whiskey Outpost while capturing further bug specimens. The act ends with the player's platoon in a cave labeled "Bug City," where the player's platoon facilitates the capture of the Brain Bug.

Act 2[]

Five months have passed since the capture of the Brain Bug, and Arachnid Egg Fall Clusters have been attacking various planets in Terran-controlled space. The player's platoon was tasked with escort missions for Internal Security's officer Major Alexander Bishop, while repelling an Arachnid invasion of Mars, attempting to recapture a colony called New Wellington from the Arachnids for morale purposes, as well as learning the true nature of how the Arachnids were able to efficiently attack the Terrans especially with a key food processing facility and the loss of two key military research bases. Bishop and the player's platoon is deployed to Axel 6, a small mining outpost with very little strategic value to exfiltrate the commanding officer of the base as a potential witness. Major Bishop and the player learn that a high-ranking Federation officer, Colonel Holland, has been leaking intelligence of the major Terran bases to the Arachnids via the captured Brain Bug, in hopes of uniting humanity with the bugs. Bishop and the player's platoon succeed in killing Holland and the captured Brain Bug while saving scientists who were witnesses to Holland's treachery. Despite the nature of Holland's behavior, the Terran Council decide to cover up Holland's death for morale purposes and finish the battle.

Act 3[]

As of September 20, 2371, the Federation has managed to create new weapons and technology for use against the Arachnids and has begun a counter-offensive against the Arachnids to ensure the end of the war. The player's platoon was tasked with rescue missions for stranded Mobile Infantry troopers on Planet P, as well as students from a military academy used to train Psychics on the planet Sirius 3, and recovering ancient teleportation technology on Planet G. Shortly after the success of the mission, the player is sent to Klendathu for the second and last time to search for an Arachnid Queen. Utilizing psychic troopers to track the queen, as well as reverse-engineered teleportation devices for extraction, the player's platoon fights through arachnid forces to plant Nova bombs in the hive and manages to escape the cavern before it explodes. The war ends on New Year's day of 2372, with the Terran military celebrating their victory.

Mission Briefings[]

The following are mission briefings given through out the campaign missions:

Mission 1 - Bughouse I[]


Walkthrough - Mission 1- Bughouse I

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


22:15 October 18th 2369


Now that the Terran Council has declared war against the arachnids of Klendathu, Command HQ has mobilized a massive invasion force.

Six Mobile Infantry divisions are about to deploy from orbit and devastate the main arachnid population centers. Tac-Recon have detected plasma launches from the planet surface. Analysis indicates that these launches are random, and present no danger to MI dropships.

Our assault will commence at dusk when the arachnids will be sleeping. We're going to give these bugs a wake up call they'll never forget.

Mission Briefing :

Starship: TFT Valley Forge

Operation: Bughouse

Mission Sector: 470

Good evening, Lieutenant, this is your Battalion Commander speaking, Colonel DuBois. The Valley Forge is currently in orbital formation above Klendathu.

Klendathu has been confirmed as the arachnid homeworld, and is populated by millions of bugs. Xenographic samples indicate that the majority of the bugs will be dormant when we strike, and surface encounters will be minimal.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

Your strike team will deploy as part of the first wave. Your objective is to eliminate all arachnid hostiles from your mission sector, before the main landing force is launched. Your team is to sweep through the mission sector,locate all arachnid tunnel entrances and destroy them.

Make sure you leave no tunnel entrances open behind you. As you progress through the mission sector, search for and destroy any surface dwelling arachnids.

Once you have achieved these objectives, contact Fleet Liaison to organize retrieval of your team.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Destroy all arachnid tunnel entrances.

2. Eliminate any arachnid hostiles from mission sector.

3. Minimize casualties.


Good work, Lieutenant, your mission objectives were all successfully achieved.

We are temporarily unable to retrieve you from your mission sector. Your orders are to standby at your current co-ordinates until you receive further orders. Stand firm Lieutenant, help is on the way...

Mission 2 - Bughouse II[]


Walkthrough - Mission 2- Bughouse II

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


02:50 October 19th 2369


Three hours after the launch of Operation: Bughouse, Command HQ has ordered a general retreat of all Terran forces.

The bugs have responded with a furious counter-attack, and MI strike teams have been beaten back on all fronts.

Fleet retrieval efforts are being hampered by the escalation of arachnid plasma launches. The plasma barrages are now targeted at both orbital and surface craft.

Our resources are stretched to the limit, as Fleet struggles to take everyone home.

Mission Briefing :

Starship: TFT Valley Forge

Operation: Bughouse II

Mission Sector: 471

Lieutenant, as a result of the unexpected savagery of the arachnid resistance, we have been unable to effect retrieval of your strike team.

We regret to inform you that in light of the decision to withdraw all Terran forces from this system, we have only a limited opportunity to retrieve your troops.

Your new objectives are as follows:

Your strike team must proceed from your present position and establish contact with any remaining MI units in your mission sector.

Communication logs indicate that members of Company J have attempted retrieval close by your current position.

While you locate any survivors, TFT Valley Forge will re-establish retrieval orbit.

Once the transport is in position, it will contact you with fresh retrieval co-ordinates.

Summary of Objectives:

1. Locate all wounded troopers from Company J.

2. Destroy any arachnids which prevent your Retrieval Boat from landing.


Lieutenant, you've the makings of a first class officer. Your courageous action has saved many lives. In recognition of your bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, each survivor will be awarded the MI Badge of Valor.

Congratulations. As the Valley Forge will be out of service until it's repairs are complete, your new home will be the TFTC Rodger Young.

New Specialist assignment available: Medic

Mission 3 - Paradise Lost[]


Walkthrough - Mission 3- Paradise Lost

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


07:30 November 23rd 2369


Since the tactical withdrawal from Klendathu, the arachnids have begun assaulting settlements across the range of Terran space.

Tac-Recon have been unable to observe a pattern in their attacks. In response, Command HQ have been forced to adopt a defensive strategy to minimize the loss of Terran habitats.

As a consequence, MI forces have been assisting with the protection and evacuation of Terran citizenry. MI 1st Division has been assigned responsibility for the evacuation of Zegema Beach.

One of our most beautiful worlds is now being destroyed by the bugs!

Mission Briefing :

Starship: TFTC Rodger Young

Operation: Paradise Lost

Mission Sector: 156

Good morning, Lieutenant. MI 1st Division is currently conducting a planet-wide evacuation of Zegema Beach. The arachnids have been bombarding Zegema with eggfalls for the last two weeks.

The bugs are now closing in on all population centers. Your company has been assigned responsibility for the evacuation of the northern resort complex of Seraphon.

Your mission objectives are as follows:

Your strike team will deploy close to the foreshore. Your mission sector is in western Seraphon.

Under no circumstances are your troopers to enter civilian homes or the beachside resort. We are soldiers, not looters!

MI has a storage facility located in the north-east of your mission sector.

You are to rendezvous with the Depot Manager, Jon Roscoe. He is responsible for transporting stored weapons to the nearby civilian airport. Your team is to provide escort for those vehicles.

These weapons are important to the war effort, but so are your troopers. You must minimize casualties, and try to get as many trucks to the airport as possible.

Once you have escorted the trucks to the airport, signal the Rodger Young. Fleet will then organize collection of the munitions, and of your team.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Rendezvous with Depot Manager at Munitions Storage Facility.

2. Provide escort for trucks.

3. At least one truck must reach the airport.


Good work, Lieutenant, the depot manager has asked us to convey his thanks to your team for their timely intervention. I can't figure why they'd need an MI escort for so few trucks but you've done an excellent job.

The Rodger Young is now en route to Arachnid Quarantine Zone. You will be informed as to the nature of the operation once we have arrived.

New Tech Item available: Heavy Nerve Gas

Mission 4 - Restore Hope[]


Walkthrough - Mission 4- Restore Hope

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


02:45 January 20th 2370


The Arachnid Quarantine Zone was established in 2352 after the disastrous first contact with a Terran survey team. The Terran Council ruled that it would not recognize any settlements within the Zone, and that they could expect no intervention from Terran authorities.

In 2367, a large religious group, citing grievances with the "godless Terran republic", emigrated to Dantana.

A month ago, Tac Recon began receiving distress calls from the AQZ. Despite the embargo, the Terran Council has decided to intervene. The survivors of Dantana will be brought back to tell their story. Terrans and Bugs cannot co-exist!

Mission Briefing:

Starship: TFTC Rodger Young

Operation: Restore Hope

Mission Sector: 29

Good afternoon, Lieutenant. We are currently three parsecs deep in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. The Rodger Young is holding stationary orbit above the planet, Dantana.

MI 1st Division has been assigned responsibility for the rescue of Terran dissidents within the Zone. The decision to evacuate these colonists has been ratified by the Terran Council, overruling the UCF interdict prohibiting Federal action within the AQZ.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

Your strike team will drop into the northern prairie of New Deseret. We have had no response from Fort Joe Smith, which is the main habitat in your mission sector. We suspect that arachnids may have already overrun the settlement. However, Tac-Recon are still registering low-level Terran power signals in the area around the fort.

Your team must investigate Fort Joe Smith. If no colonists are found there, you must investigate the other structures in your mission area: the Comms Station, the Power Generator, and the Condenser Array.

Tac Recon have detected a new bug type. They're calling it the Hopper. Make sure you take a specimen capture weapon, in case you encounter one of these creatures.

This is a bug planet, and we are deep within their Zone. Engage the enemy when necessary, but try to minimize danger to your troops. Xenographic analysis indicates a heavy bug presence in your mission sector. The tunnel network is extensive.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Locate and investigate Fort Joe Smith.

2. Rescue Terran survivors.

3. Capture a Hopper bug specimen.


Your team is to be commended, Lieutenant. Colonel Holland has asked me to forward his appreciation to each team that collected specimens. Congratulations.

Likewise, I'm certain that the survivors of Fort Joe Smith would like to thank you, were they not under strict quarantine. I'm sure they will have some cautionary tales for those civilians who wish to make peace with the bugs.

We are now proceeding directly to Alpha Corvi system. It is very close by the AQZ boundary, we should be there in a matter of days.

New Specialist assignment available: Combat Engineer.

Mission 5 - Royalty I[]


Walkthrough - Mission 5- Royalty I

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


10:45 February 28th 2370


Thankfully arachnid assaults have abated over the last month, as Federal services have their hands full dealing with the tide of refugees.

Command HQ is still struggling to understand the strategy and motives of the arachnids. Our chief behavioral expert, Colonel Holland, has been championing his "Brain" bug theory, but no Troopers in action have ever seen one.

As an interim strategy, Terran garrisons are being strengthened on the border of the AQZ. Planet P is one of a handful of worlds which will give us early warning of arachnid movements. We must remain constantly vigilant to beat the bugs!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFTC Rodger Young

Operation: Royalty I

Mission Sector: 13

Good morning, Lieutenant. We have just entered the Alpha Corvi system. The Rodger Young will enter transfer orbit around Planet P in just under two hours. Command HQ has ordered an increased MI presence at all remote outposts. Your team will be on extended duties here.

Your mission objectives are as follows:

Your strike team will deploy in the vicinity of the MI base, Whiskey Outpost. Your team is to rendezvous with the officer in charge, Colonel Owen. The current garrison has indicated minimal arachnid presence but do report encounters with a new bug type. They're calling it the Chariot. You will deploy some distance from the outpost. Command HQ expects you to capture one of these Chariots as you journey to there. Make sure you equip at least one Specimen Capture Weapon.

The Rodger Young will continue on mission to bring reinforcements to other MI outposts.

Rest assured, Lieutenant, the Rodger Young will be returning in six days time to collect you. Please, be sure to pay my respects to Colonel Owen, he was one of my instructors back at OCS.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Capture a Chariot bug specimen.

2. Report to Colonel Owen at Whiskey Outpost.


That was very close, Lieutenant. On the strength of your report, your entire team is lucky to be alive. If it is any consolation, Command HQ have seen your report and it has become the deciding factor in the decision to return to Planet P.

The complexity of the trap set for your team is clear evidence of a governing intelligence within the arachnid swarm. Colonel Holland has championed the "Brain" bug theory for some time. Now it looks like we are to put that theory to the test.

Rest up, Lieutenant, you and your team will need to be ready for action in under fourteen hours.

Mission 6 - Royalty II[]


Walkthrough - Mission 6- Royalty II

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


16:45 March 1st 2370


Analysis of the arachnid assault upon Whiskey Outpost has indicated that there is some governing intelligence directing the bugs. Colonel Holland's "Brain" bug theory is now about to be put to the test.

MI 1st Division has moved into orbit around Planet P in preparation for a raid. Our objective is to capture a Brain bug.

Recon, skirmish and capture teams will descend into bugtown. All teams will need to be extremely cautious with the use of heavy-firepower below ground. Command HQ has prohibited the use of nuclear ordinance.

We're not leaving this planet without a prisoner!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFT Valley Forge

Operation: Royalty II

Mission Sector: B17

Good afternoon, Lieutenant, I hope you and your team are ready for more action. While you were resting, the Rodger Young has maneuvered to join a huge orbital formation now surrounding Planet P. This is our largest Fleet operation since Klendathu.

Our joint operational objective is to capture a "Brain" bug. Fleet will co-ordinate reconnaissance and retrieval, the MI will take care of the rest. MI 1st Division will be responsible for sending teams into the bug tunnel network beneath Planet P.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

Your strike team will deploy outside Tunnel Bravo 17. This will lead you down into bugtown. Your team will be entering the upper reaches of the tunnel complex. Tac recon estimate this is to be part of the colony's ventilation system, the majority of bugs here will be harmless workers.

No air support will be available to you during this mission. Do not attempt to capture any new bug types, we have special capture teams in the tunnel network. If you encounter a "Brain" bug, you are to contact Fleet immediately. A capture team will be dispatched to your location.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Destroy all bugholes.

2. Report any sightings of a Brain bug to Fleet Liaison.


Lieutenant, your report understates the crucial role your team played in the success of this mission. Private Zim of the Condors has asked me to convey his thanks of the team for your assistance in capturing the Brain. The battalion commander has sent a crate of cold beer which will be made available in the mess hall tonight.

You will be pleased to know that the Brain bug has now been shipped to Colonel Holland's research facility, where it will now undergo stringent analysis and psychic interrogation. The Colonel has now publicly stated that he will learn the secret of arachnid communication so that he may bend the Brain to his will. Given Holland's reputation as a psychic, the war could very well be over soon.

For now, your team has earned some R'n'R. Your platoon is scheduled to arrive at Sanctuary Base in a weeks time. With luck, Lieutenant, the war may be over before you return to duty.

New weapon type available: Flamethrower

New armor class available: 2nd Class Command.

New armor class available: 2nd Class Scout.

New armor class available: 2nd Class Marauder.

Mission 7 - Black Ice[]


Walkthrough - Mission 7- Black Ice

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


09:00 June 6th 2370


The capture of the Brain bug has given the Terran forces renewed zeal in the fight against the Bugs. We needed it!

Shortly after the Brain was transferred to Colonel Holland's base, the bugs launched a far-reaching counter offensive.

Our early warning strategies proved ineffective, as Arachnid egg clusters began appearing within the boundaries of Terran controlled space. The MI have intervened wherever the Bugs have attacked. In some cases the Bugs have been repelled, but once they sink their claws into a world, more egg clusters invariably follow.

No pattern is apparent, all we can do is watch the skies and wait for their next attack.

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFT Audie Murphy

Operation: Black Ice

Mission Sector: 67

Good morning, Lieutenant, the Audie Murphy is currently in stationary orbit above Mincki's World. MI 1st Division has been dispatched here to co-ordinate a planetwide evacuation.

The bugs have been hitting Mincki's hard for the last two weeks. God only knows why they would attack a backwater like this one, but the Terran council has approved the evacuation.

However, your platoon will not be directly involved in this evacuation. Instead, I have received a priority order from Major Bishop, of Internal Security.

Bishop has requested a veteran team for escort duty. This mission is highly classified. Your secrecy oath still binds you. You must discuss the details of this mission with no one outside your strike team.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

Your team will deploy deep within the northern polar circle. You will land in the vicinity of Ice Station Nova, a classified Federal research facility. Nova Base personnel were lost during the evacuation, casualties of plasma fire.

You are to safely escort Major Bishop to the base and follow his orders at all times. You are to assist the Major while he retrieves information from the Nova station data-log.

Once this work is done, you are to ensure that Major Bishop leaves the mission sector safely. To ensure the successful completion of this mission you must equip at least one of your suits with a Flame Thrower.

Lieutenant, one final thing, Major Bishop has a reputation for being a tough customer. I don't know what an officer from Internal Security is doing on the frontline, but this is far from a routine assignment. I will be most interested to read your report once you return.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Escort Major Bishop to Ice Station Nova.

2. Ensure that Major Bishop survives to retrieval.


Good work, Lieutenant, Major Bishop was very impressed with the way your people acquitted themselves in the field. He has requested the transfer of your platoon to the Internal Security vessel, TFTC Xenophon.

Divisional Command has temporarily over-ruled the Major's request. MI 1st Division has been scrambled back home. The bugs hit Mars three days ago, and we need every able bodied trooper we've got.

Mission 8 - Desert Swarm[]


Walkthrough - Mission 8- Desert Swarm

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


19:30 August 19th 2370


The arachnid offensive continues. Eggfalls have been reported across the breadth of Terran space.

The Terran Fleet is hard pressed responding to so many emergencies. Likewise, MI resources are becoming stretched as the frontline expands.

Now the Arachnids have invaded Mars. Our oldest Terran settlement is crawling with bugs. Terran industry on Mars has been brought to a complete stand still.

The oilfields are burning and our factories lie in ruins. This is too close to home, we must drive these bugs back!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFT Audie Murphy

Operation: Desert Swarm

Mission Sector: 438

Good evening, Lieutenant, the Audie Murphy is holding orbital formation above Mars. Arachnid eggfalls have been pummeling the Martian surface for the last three weeks. The bugs have smashed every major Terran habitat, and now have invaded the oilfields. MI have committed five entire divisions to wipe the arachnids from the surface of our sister planet. In memory of the Martian pioneers, we cannot let one inch of red soil fall to the arachnids.

Your mission objectives are as follows:

Your strike team will deploy in the North Cydonian oilfields. Your mission sector contains five oil rigs, all of which are currently burning. The arachnids are clearly trying to sabotage the Martian industry. Your strike team must include at least one combat engineer. The engineer will be responsible for bringing the oil fires under control.

As you sweep through the mission sector, destroy any arachnids or arachnid tunnels that you encounter. Be advised that ground forces have reported contact with a new arachnid variant. We're calling it the Rhino, because of the way it charges anything that moves. Be extremely cautious approaching these creatures.

One final thing, be advised that Command HQ has prohibited the use of nuclear ordinance on the Martian surface. Ground forces are ordered to minimize structural damage to any equipment owned by the North Cydonian Energy corporation.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Use an Engineer to extinguish all oil fires in the Mission Sector.

2. Rescue any civilians.

3. Nukes are prohibited.


Good work, Lieutenant. Already, Command HQ are hailing this operation as a massive victory. We have beaten the bugs back on every front. It will be another week before every last bug is dead, but the arachnids will think twice before assaulting Mars again.

I have read your report regarding the friendly fire incident, and I have recommended disciplinary action be taken against Sergeant Nixon. I am afraid, though, it will take some time before you get a result on this. Let us just be thankful that no one died as a result of Nixon's recklessness.

As for now, don't get too comfortable. Your platoon must transfer to the Internal Security vessel, TFTC Xenophon. Major Bishop has further work for you.

Mission 9 - Hydra[]


Walkthrough - Mission 9- Hydra

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


21:00 October 4th 2370


With refugee numbers continuing to grow, the Terran Council has been nearly overwhelmed by the task of feeding and housing these victims of the war. Citizens everywhere have rallied to the cause, and many refugees are finding new homes far from the front. The liberation of Mars was an inspirational victory, enlistment numbers have now skyrocketed.

Thankfully the bug offensive has slowed in pace. The MI continues to respond to trouble spots across space, but the number of incursions has lessened. The capture of arachnid prisoners has given us greater understanding of the bugs weaknesses. However, Colonel Holland still struggles to understand the workings of the arachnid Brain. We must understand the bugs, to beat the bugs!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFTC Xenophon

Operation: Hydra

Mission Sector: 01

Good evening, Lieutenant. I want to remind you that every aspect of this mission is highly classified. All members of your platoon have been placed under oath.

We are at the farthest reaches of Terran space, and about as far as one can get from the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. TFTC Xenophon is holding orbit above an experimental farming station, code named Hydra One. It is a completely automated production facility, monitored by a handful of tech personnel.

As the number of Terran refugees grows, we need to be able to feed all those hungry mouths. Here at Hydra One, they were cultivating the same high protein fungus that the bugs use to feed their own colonies. The test phase was all but completed, and the early results were extremely promising. It seemed that soon we would be able to feed millions of refugees. Then, one month ago, Command HQ lost contact with Hydra One.

Since arriving in orbit we have been unable to get any response from station personnel. The emergency power shield around the base has been activated, all other systems are either off-lined or running on emergency power. Until that shield is deactivated, we cannot know if there is anyone alive in there.

Our mission objectives are as follows:

We will drop onto the base's secondary landing strip. It has been unused since the construction crews left two years ago, but will be suitable for our purposes. Tac-recon have confirmed the presence of arachnids on the surface, so we must be cautious.

We must then proceed directly to the central base and establish a means of entry. Once we are inside the station, I will make a fresh assessment of the situation. Your team is to protect me at all times, and assist any survivors we may find there.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Escort Major Bishop to Central base.

2. Ensure Major Bishop survives until retrieval.


That was a near thing, Lieutenant. I was glad to have your people at my back. The loss of Hydra station has been a grievous setback to millions of Terran refugees. However, we must not give up the fight. I intend to discover how the arachnids located Hydra base. Perhaps they have some psychic ability to sniff out our secrets. Or perhaps we harbor a traitor in our ranks. I intend to seek Colonel Holland's opinion on this.

I will leave you now to return to your Company. Remember: you may not discuss your last mission with anyone, not even your divisional commander. The Xenophon will rendezvous with TFT Audie Murphy, farewell Lieutenant.

Mission 10 - Young Pioneers[]


Walkthrough - Mission 10- Young Pioneers

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


11:30 November 10th 2370


Terran morale has taken a beating with the loss of Europa and other outer ring colonies to the bugs. The bugs are relentless in their assaults upon fragile Terran habitats.

We cannot compete with the bugs' ability to adapt to hostile environments. Increasingly, Terran citizenry are becoming alarmed, as the bugs strike closer to home.

The MI propaganda machine has gone into overdrive. Terran networks are now saturated with positive media, showing victories not defeats, heroes not caskets.

The message is an important one: we must never give up the fight!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFT Audie Murphy

Operation: Young Pioneers

Mission Sector: 53

Good morning, Lieutenant, your platoon has been chosen for a very special assignment. Command HQ is in need of positive images of Terran civilians reclaiming their lives in the wake of the war. People have been too focused upon what we have lost, and not what we have won back. MI media want to turn around the public's perception of this conflict.

Consequently, the Audie Murphy is in orbit around New Wellington. NW was evacuated eight months ago after a particularly vicious arachnid assault. New satellite surveillance has indicated that the bugs have been slow to

establish a tunnel network. Command HQ have decided the time is right for us to strike back, and retake New Wellington.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

Your team will deploy at the civilian settlement of Huntonville. It is a small farming settlement, south of the major areas of arachnid devastation. Tac recon reports a minimal arachnid surface presence, and a very limited tunnel network.

Your primary objective will be to sweep your mission sector clean of arachnids and to destroy any tunnel entrances. You must take a Combat Engineer to repair any structural damage caused by the bugs.

Once you have give the all clear, we will send transports down containing settlers previously evacuated from Huntonville. An MI Combat Journalist, Major Donald Munroe, will accompany the settlers to get footage of this

occasion. You are to assist Major Munroe and provide escort to the settlers as they return to their farms. The loss of Major Munroe or the deaths of any settlers will compromise the viability of this mission. We need happy families, not corpses, Lieutenant.

Summary of Objectives

1. Clear the mission sector of arachnids.

2. Escort Major Munroe and his media team.

3. Assist farmers returning to their homes.

4. Ensure that Major Munroe survives the mission.


Well done, Lieutenant, your report makes everything clear. Your team performed brilliantly under, shall we say, "challenging" conditions. I don't know if he will ever win any awards but it can't but help Major Munroe's career to be filmed alongside one of the best platoons in the whole MI. As for the settlers, Command HQ plan to establish a planetary garrison to clean up the last of the bugs. Those people will be able to live peaceful lives, eventually.

TFT Audie Murphy is now en route. It's yet another evacuation. We will resupply at FBS Ticongeroga before heading for Centennia. Your platoon should rest up for the next few weeks.

Mission 11 - Hell's Razor[]


Walkthrough - Mission 11- Hell's Razor

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


06:30 January 19th 2371


Terran morale has shown a marked improvement in the wake of the propaganda drive, particularly after the demonstration to the public of new weapons technology. In a joint Fleet/MI operation, Nova class warheads were deployed against the Skinnies, humanoid allies of the arachnids. Public opinion has now swung towards a renewed offensive against the bugs, and victory seems within our grasp.

The situation at the war front, however, remains unchanged. The bugs assault a new settlement every few weeks, and the MI still battle to keep them in check. These new super weapons will never replace the Mobile Infantry, because wherever the bugs strike, we are there are on the ground to meet them!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFT Audie Murphy

Operation: Hell's Razor

Mission Sector: 95

Good morning, Lieutenant, The Audie Murphy is presently in orbit around Centennia, a mining colony in the Vegan system. The arachnid invasion has been ongoing for three weeks. The bug numbers are strong in the south, thankfully the majority of Terran settlements are in the north. MI 1st Division are responsible for evacuating these settlements.

Command HQ are testing their new evac. doctrine. I have had confirmation that Fleet will be deploying new "Nova" class warheads once the evacuation is complete.

Regarding the evacuation, your reputation for handling tough assignments has recommended your team for the following detail. Four hours ago, we received a rescue request from a strike team trapped in one of the southern mountain ranges. Fleet liaison was initially unaware that any operation was being conducted on the southern continent.

From the mission logs, we have learnt that troopers from J Company are involved in a covert assignment, authorized by Major Bishop of Internal Security Services.

Your mission objectives are as follows:

Your team will deploy in the southern alpine region of Centennia Prime. You are to contact and assist the trapped strike team, commanded by Sergeant Nixon, of 3rd Platoon, J Company.

Once you have relieved the strike team, you are to assist them to complete their original objectives. You must make contact with the commander of Terran research facility on Nine Cloud Mountain, and co-ordinate the evacuation of personnel from the base.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Locate and assist the trapped Strike Team.

2. Proceed to Nine Cloud Mountain base, and assist personnel.

3. Ensure Major Bishop survives until retrieval.


Well done, Lieutenant, the loss of Nine Cloud Mountain base is a major setback, but I believe that we can win back Centennia. As we broke orbit, Fleet destroyers deployed a barrage of "Nova" class warheads against the arachnid controlled areas. MI 6th Division will then move in to clean up the mess.

Prepare now to transfer ship to TFTC Xenophon. Major Bishop has further work for your team.

Mission 12 - Invisible Fist[]


Walkthrough - Mission 12- Invisible Fist

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


04:30 March 15th 2371


Command HQ is growing concerned over the lack of progress with the Brain bug. Colonel Holland is adamant that a breakthrough is imminent, but he has published no new findings in over six months.

The bugs however seem more accurate in their targeting of Terran settlements, seem more determined to disrupt Terran industry.

The MI are beginning to run low on veteran troops. While there is no current shortage of fresh recruits, experienced troopers are needed for tough assignments. New technology is being rapidly prototyped to maximize their survival rate in the field. With courage and ingenuity, we will beat the bugs!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFTC Xenophon

Operation: Invisible Fist

Mission Sector: 15

Good morning, Lieutenant. I am sorry to have called you away from your company, but I need people I can trust on this mission. As I owe you my life, I wish to be completely candid with you as to the nature of my investigations. I have been assembling evidence of what I believe to be a high-level leak in

Terran security. I believe that my suspicions have been validated by the invasion of Axel 6, the planet we are currently orbiting.

Axel 6 is a another mining colony, of little strategic value to the bugs. Axel 6 is also home to one of our oldest research facilities, Grigori Outpost. The location of this base, as with the others, was a classified secret to all but the chief officers of Terran R'n'D. Presently, the only officer in this group who is in direct contact with the bugs is Colonel Holland.

My inference is this: Colonel Holland, who has been working in seclusion with the Brain bug for the last eighteen months, has compromised the security of each major research operation. However, until I can prove these allegations, I must ask you to keep my suspicions secret, even from your own troops.

Our strategic objectives are as follows:

We will deploy in the vicinity of the Grigori Outpost, and assist with the evacuation of base personnel. Tac-Recon report that arachnid bombardment of the surface has caused a nearby volcano to become active.

Your team is to provide escort for me as we travel through the mission sector. We are to contact the base commander, Colonel Chaplin and assist with the evacuation. Chaplin once worked with Holland, but transferred here to take command of this facility. Information from Colonel Chaplin may help me prove my suspicions.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Eliminate all plasma bugs from mission sector.

2. Assist Base Commander with evacuation of the outpost.

3. Ensure that Major Bishop survives until retrieval.


That was a tough assignment, Lieutenant, I couldn't have done it without your team. Since our return I have learnt much from Colonel Chaplin about Holland. All that I can say for now is that it has confirmed my worst fears.

I am about to present my case before a closed session of the Terran Security Council. Whatever happens, you must keep the secrets that I have shared with you locked away until such a time as Holland can be brought to justice.

New Specialist assignment available: MIST

Mission 13 - CLASSIFIED[]


Walkthrough - Mission 13- Classified

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


06:00 April 8th 2371


Command HQ now believes that Colonel Holland's methods have become unsound. On Holland's orders Operational Cakewalk was instigated. Three regiments were sent to Planet P to capture more arachnid Brains. Not one trooper made it back alive! Serious allegations have now been voiced by the Terran Council. Colonel Holland, for unknown reasons, has elected not to respond.

The MI are stretched to their limit as arachnid assaults continue without any clear pattern. Somehow the bugs are becoming more accurate in their targeting of Terran settlements. Orbital defense satellites around Terra itself are destroying at least one egg cluster a week. We must never give up the fight!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFTC Xenophon


Mission Sector: 01

Good morning, Lieutenant, the Xenophon has just entered an occluded orbit above Edenwell, third planet in the Canopus system. I carry with me a warrant for the arrest of Colonel Holland. After my testimony before the Terran Security Council, the councilors voted unanimously to bring Holland in for questioning.

As the Colonel has not responded to any communique in the last week, we must surmise that he is aware of our plans. In addition to this, a jamming satellite is interfering with our sensor array. Tac-Recon are unable to

create an image of the mission area. The only image of the mission area we have was taken shortly after the base was constructed.

Our strategic objectives are as follows:

We will touch down in the north-eastern airstrip and proceed directly to Holland's base.

There is an MI garrison stationed here. Unless they grant us free passage, we must assume that they are in league with Holland. If they try to stop us, you are authorized to use lethal force.

Those pillbox structures are special arachnid containment units. If we do not find Holland in his base then he will no doubt be skulking in one of those pens.

Our orders are clear, we are to arrest Holland. We must be cautious though. Holland is a powerful psychic, and will no doubt try to resist arrest. I will rely on your team to watch my back at all times. As for the Brain bug, it must be destroyed.

Proceed now to assemble your strike force.

Summary of Objectives

1. Arrest Colonel Holland.

2. Eliminate the Brain Bug.


Lieutenant, I have already informed the Terran Security Council of the tragic death of Colonel Holland. His selfless sacrifice in the fight against theBrain bug will be an inspiration for all Terran citizens.

While it chokes me to praise a traitor, I can only reinforce the sentiments of the Terran council. People are not ready to confront the reality of Holland's treachery. All Terrans must unite in common cause against the bugs, rather than allow the truth of Holland's betrayal to tear us apart.

I wish you and your team well in the future, Lieutenant. Let us both pray that the war will be over soon. The Xenophon will arrive at Fleet Battle Station Ticongeroga in thirty days. Your platoon will then rejoin your company on board TFT Audie Murphy.


New weapon type available: Plasma Gun.

New weapon type available: Plasma Cannon.

New armor class available: 1st Class Command.

New armor class available: 1st Class Scout.

New armor class available: 1st Class Marauder.

New tech item available: Nova Bomb.

Mission 14 - Recovery[]


Walkthrough - Mission 14- Recovery

Full Walfthrough by Leafonthewin


08:30 September 20th 2371


Command HQ are now faced by the realization that the Terran Federation is rapidly running low on resources. During the time it takes to train just one trooper, the bugs are able to hatch another thousand warriors. Given the current rate of resource expenditure, the Terran Federation can only continue the fight for another twelve months.

The memorial service for Colonel Holland has changed public opinion in favor of a renewed assault against the bugs. Holland's tragic death while preventing the escape of Brain bug has inspired Command HQ to return to Planet P. It appears the bugs take prisoners too. We're going down into bugtown, and we're taking our Troopers back!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFT Audie Murphy

Operation: Recovery

Mission Sector: 12

Good morning, Lieutenant. You should be familiar with our current theatre of operations. The Audie Murphy is in orbital formation above Planet P, as preparations begin for the big push.

Six months ago, on Holland's orders, Operation Cakewalk was instigated. Capture teams were sent below to capture further members of the arachnid intelligence caste. The Operation was a disaster, the bugs knew we were coming. Three entire regiments vanished without a trace, deep within bugtown.

In early August, surveillance satellites detected a faint comms signal emanating from beneath the surface. The message was SOS. Even though this may be a trap, Command HQ has decided to attempt the rescue. The MI leave no one behind!

Your mission objectives are as follows:

Your strike team is on rescue detail. You will descend approximately 200 meters beneath Planet P. A recon team has mapped a route to a ventilation tunnel close by the source of the distress signal. You will need to use a Scale One Nova Bomb to blast your way through the tunnel wall. Make sure you assign a Nova Bomb to a member of your Strike Team.

While you search the mission sector, marauder teams will conduct diversionary skirmishes. This will hopefully divert the bugs' attention from your activities. You are to liberate any Terran POWs you encounter. Be on the look out for any MI's under psychic compulsion. Under Article 15, you are authorized to use lethal force if they threaten the viability of your mission.

Just make sure you bring our people home Lieutenant, or at worst, their dogtags. Once you have swept through the mission sector, we'll have a scout team there to lead you out.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Use Nova Bomb to enter arachnid tunnels.

2. Investigate source of distress signal.

3. Assist any trapped MI personnel.

4. Minimise casualties.


Welcome back, Lieutenant, your report makes for chilling reading. It is clear from Sgt. Peatree's testimony that there was no way to bring those troopers home. Your team has acted entirely in accord with Article 15 of the Terran Military code, there was nothing else that you could do. The troopers' dogtags which you recovered will be forwarded to their families. They will be posthumously awarded the Badge of Valor, for their bravery. I know that we can count on your discretion in this situation.

The Audie Murphy is now returning to Fleet Battle Station Ticonderoga. Rest well, Lieutenant, you've earned it.

Mission 15 - Heaven's Gate[]


Walkthrough - Mission 15- Heaven's Gate

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


20:00 October 3rd 2371


With resources stretched to their limit, Command HQ is now determined to mount a big push against the Bugs. After nearly two years of conflict, Terran strategists have developed a watertight doctrine to defeat the bugs once and for all. It relies upon new 'secret' weapons which are still being developed.

One of these weapons involves an alien technology discovered some five years ago on Planet G. Planet G is located within the boundary of the AQZ, and our spy satellites indicate that bugs have invaded. This technology must be returned to Terran control. We must liberate Planet G at any price!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFT Audie Murphy

Operation: Heaven's Gate

Mission Sector: 01

Good evening, Lieutenant, we are uncomfortably near the boundary of the AQZ. The Audie Murphy is in orbit about a classified world, known only as Planet G. Planet G has been under federal scrutiny since the Ambrose expedition discovered remnants of an unknown alien civilization five years ago. This pre-war survey team detected unique spatial properties associated with the buildings in the island chain.

In summary, what Ambrose discovered was that the four islands are part of a temple complex. Altar stones within the complex are capable of instantly transporting a person to different points within the island chain. The strategic value of this teleporter technology is immeasurable. Command HQ believe that it will prove essential in the Big Push.

Twenty eight days ago, spy satellites detected an arachnid eggfall. The temple complex is now controlled by the bugs. Command HQ has placed a top priority on the reclamation of Planet G. We needed one of our best teams for the job.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

You will deploy on the northern island in the chain. Your team will then sweep each island clear of arachnids. You must kill every bug in the mission sector. You will need to use the transport stones in order to move your team from island to island. Professor Ambrose stated in his report that each of the temples must be visited in order to activate certain transport stones.

Once you have cleared all the islands of arachnids, and destroyed the egg cluster on the central island, a tech team will deploy and begin analysis. It has been requested that your team attempt to minimize structural damage to the site. Do not destroy any of the temples!

Lieutenant, it looks like there are plenty of bugs down there. Field intelligence recommends the use of nuclear ordinance to clear the egg cluster.

Summary of Objectives

1. Eliminate all arachnids from the island chain.

2. Nuke the arachnid egg cluster.


Excellent work, Lieutenant. Your platoon has once more distinguished themselves. With Planet G once more under Terran command, we will soon unravel the secrets of this teleporter technology. For now we must leave it in the hands of the technicians.

We are now en route to Sirius, ETA 23 days. The Psychic Academies are being bombarded by egg clusters. I'll have more details when we arrive.

Mission 16 - Mindsnare[]


Walkthrough - Mission 16- Mindsnare

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


10:00 November 14th 2371


Now that Terran scientists have unraveled the workings of the Ambrose teleporters, Command HQ are now preparing the other new weapon for the Big Push.

Special Talents have been undergoing rigorous training at the Sirian Psychic Academy. Presently, the students are completing the last of their training.

Drawing upon Colonel Holland's painstaking research into the psychic abilities of the Brain, we have developed our own Terran talents to give us the edge against the bugs.

The psychic troopers will help us hunt down the leaders of the Arachnid Swarm and destroy them once and for all!

Mission Briefing

Operation: Mindsnare

Starship: TFT Audie Murphy

Mission Sector: 08

Good morning, Lieutenant, the Audie Murphy has just established stationary orbit above Sirius 3. Like anyone with FedNet access, you would be aware of the Federal recruitment drive for psychic sensitives. Sirius 3 is where these "special talents" are trained.

Command HQ has been commissioning psychic graduates and sending them into the field with MI strike teams. Provisional feedback is inspiring. These special talents can sense things that we ordinary Terrans are blind to. Rumor has it that top brass believe these talents will be critical in next big push into Klendathu.

Two weeks ago a dozen arachnid egg clusters struck Sirius 3. Intelligence believes the bugs, who are innately telepathic, have been drawn by the peculiar psychic resonance of so many special talents. Thankfully, orbital defense batteries have detected no further egg clusters.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

Your team will deploy at an airstrip south west of Psychic Academy 23. A Special Talent, Colonel Cheng will deploy separately and will rendezvous with your team when they arrive. You must guard the Colonel as he is one of the best talents at our disposal. Failure to protect Colonel Cheng will result in the recall of your mission.

Your team will then conduct a punitive sweep of the sector. All arachnids must be eliminated. Tac Recon report that the arachnids have not yet constructed a tunnel network. When you reach the egg cluster, you must destroy it with nuclear ordinance. The bugs can't be allowed to establish themselves here.

When you have eliminated all bugs from the surface, and destroyed the arachnid egg cluster your mission will be complete. Do not concern yourself the students at the Psychic Academy, they are protected by a power shield.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team,

Summary of Objectives

1. Eliminate all arachnids from mission sector.

2. Nuke arachnid egg cluster.

3. Ensure that Colonel Cheng survives until retrieval.


Welcome back, Lieutenant. That was a close call towards the end. The students have now been safely moved to an civilian transport. Colonel Cheng sends his thanks. As a result of the arachnid targeting of Sirius 3, Command HQ have now accelerated their preparations for the Big Push.

We are now en route for FBS Ticonderoga where we will be transferring to a new starship. Our regimental transport will be the newly christened fleet flagship, Rodger Young 2. Once we are abroad, we will set our course for the AQZ. Our destination: Klendathu.

New Specialist assignment available: Special Talent.

Mission 17 - Xenocide I[]


Walkthrough - Mission 17- Xenocide I

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


07:00 December 31st 2371


The Big Push has begun! After months of careful planning, Command HQ has assembled a vast invasion force to return to Klendathu.

All available personnel have been scrambled to the AQZ. Twelve MI Divisions are now poised in orbit to strike against the bugs.

Operation: Xenocide will be executed over the next twenty four hours.

Sorties will carry on around the clock. Our first objective is the construction of staging areas. Once these bases are in place, Recon teams will be sent out to locate the Swarm Queens.

We cannot fail in our objectives. The Queens must be found!

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFCT Rodger Young 2

Operation: Xenocide I

Mission Sector: 116

Good morning, Lieutenant. This is an historic occasion. We stand poised at the brink of what could be our final assault against the bugs. Using psychic reconnaissance and new weapons technology, the plan is to exterminate the ruling caste of the arachnid swarm.

Command HQ will synchronize our attacks, which will enable us to destroy their Brains and Queens in one simultaneous assault. Given their psychic connectivity to one another, the resultant psychic shockwave will cripple the entire arachnid race.

This is the biggest tactical engagement in Terran history. Consequently, our resources are stretched to their limit. You should not expect to get much rest over the next twenty four hours. Chances are you will be on continuous assignment as soon as you hit the ground. We are all working to a tight timeline, Lieutenant, all our hopes rest upon synchronizing our assaults across Klendathu.

Your initial objectives are as follows:

Your team will deploy in the north-west of Mission sector 116. A temporary base, Strike Base 16 is under construction. Even now arachnid plasma bugs are starting to gather and are targeting our air vehicles. Your team must eliminate all plasma bugs from the mission sector, so that Fleet can continue to transport equipment to the Strike Base.

Once the plasma threat is neutralized, Colonel Cheng will deploy to Strike Base 16. You are to provide escort for the Colonel, whose responsibility is to locate the entrance to the Queen's nest. You must guard Cheng at all times. Failure to protect the Colonel will put the entire operation at risk, and result in immediate recall.

Xenographic analysis of the mission sector has pinpointed the sinkhole at the center of the map as a focus of arachnid activity. You must guard Cheng as he examines this area. Intelligence estimates there is a high probability that this may be the entrance to the Queens nest. Once you have a positive fix upon the location of the Queen, contact fleet and we will arrange for immediate retrieval.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Eliminate all plasma bugs from mission sector.

2. Escort and protect Colonel Cheng.

3. Locate entrance to Queen's nest.

4. Ensure that Colonel Cheng survives until retrieval.


Lieutenant, Command HQ are considering whether or not to continue with your mission or to recommend immediate recall. You cannot be faulted for your efforts to neutralize the plasma bugs. However, it was your stated mission objective to discover the whereabouts of the queens nest.

You should rest up and consider any reinforcements that you may need to expedite this mission. Now that the plasma bugs are neutralized, we can get fresh troopers down to you if you require them. Stay frosty, Lieutenant, Colonel Cheng believes that the Queen is very close by. Let's hope Command HQ agrees with this assessment.

Mission 18 - Xenocide II[]


Walkthrough - Mission 18- Xenocide II

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


11:30 December 31st 2371


The Big Push continues. All across Klendathu, MI Strike Bases are sending out Recon teams. The hunt for the Swarm Queens goes on.

Command HQ have so far recorded a 50% success rate, however, not all results are in. There are still Swarm Queens that elude our Special Talents.

In preparation for Phase Two of Operation: Xenocide, special equipment is being deployed to the strike bases.

Marauder teams on long range patrols are keeping the plasma bugs in check. We must locate all the Queens before night falls.

Mission Briefing

Starship: TFCT Rodger Young 2

Operation: Xenocide II

Mission Sector: 117

Lieutenant, based on the strength of Colonel Cheng's report and your own superlative combat record, Command HQ have agreed to extend your mission time and to keep your team in the field. The reinforcements from your platoon should now have rendezvoused with your strike team.

I cannot stress highly enough just how much rests upon your pinpointing the entrance to the Queen's nest. Recon teams elsewhere report having located "camouflaged" bug holes, which special talents have identified as leading to Queen arachnids. Be on the look out for such arachnid tunnel entrances.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

Continue to provide escort for Colonel Cheng and protect him at all times. You must continue searching the sector until the entrance to the Queen's chamber is found. Your team should stay in visual range of the consort bug mentioned in Colonel Cheng's report.

Tac Recon have not been able to perform a detail xenographic analysis of your current mission sector. This is Klendathu, Lieutenant, there could be anything out there. Once you locate the entrance to the Queen's nest, contact fleet and they will retrieve your team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Follow Consort to it's destination.

2. Locate entrance to the Queen's nest.


Lieutenant, you have accomplished one of our most important goals. Now that we have located the entrance to the Queen's nest, our mission schedule is back on track.

It was a tough decision to ignore the distress call from Strike Base 16, but the nova strike in the vicinity of the base has reduced the immediate threat. However the base is not yet out of danger. Once you and your team have refreshed yourselves, we'll be sending you back down to save the strike base.

Mission 19 - Xenocide III[]


Walkthrough - Mission 19- Xenocide III

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


16:40 December 31st 2371


Strike Bases across Klendathu are reporting planet-wide counter attacks by arachnid forces. Vast armies of bugs have besieged all our bases as they sense our noose drawing tighter.

Orbital barrages of Nova class warheads have dispersed most surface concentrations of the bugs. The remaining bug forces are now being mopped up by ground forces.

Each base is now assembling a modified Ambrose teleporter. These devices will be taken down into bugtown during Phase Two of Operation: Xenocide. It is critical that we do not lose any of these teleporters to the bugs. We must defend our bases!

Mission Briefing

Starship: Rodger Young 2

Operation: Xenocide III

Mission Sector: 105

Lieutenant, now that you have had a brief pause, we're sending you back to the action. Strike Base 16 is still under threat from the arachnids. The bugs have reorganized themselves and are now targeting the Strike Base with plasma fire, while the Brains begin to assemble another assault force.

Major Reid, the CO down there, was able to erect a power shield before the Nova battery detonated. Fleet then deployed a Scale 5 warhead which has cheweda massive crater in the center of the mission sector.

Tac Recon cannot communicate through the power shield, but they estimate that their power supply will soon be exhausted. We cannot afford to loose the strike base, Lieutenant. Equipment vital to the final stage of our operation, has been transported to the fort.

Your strategic objectives are as follows:

You and your team will deploy in the north of mission sector 105. As there are plasma bugs are in the sector, we cannot provide air support for you on this mission. You must eliminate all plasma and brain bugs in the mission sector.

Once the arachnid threat has been neutralized then your team should proceed to rendezvous with Major Reid at Strike Base 16.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Destroy all Plasma bugs within the time limit.

2. Destroy all Brain bugs within time limit.


Excellent work, Lieutenant, you hit those bugs like an angel of vengeance. Now that all the equipment in Strike Base 16 is secure we can proceed on schedule. Command HQ have confirm a 98% success rate with all scheduled sorties. We're beating the bugs back on all fronts all that remains is to deliver the coup de grace.

Take a break, Lieutenant, have a rest and eat a meal. Your next mission is not scheduled until later tonight.

Mission 20 - Xenocide IV[]


Walkthrough - Mission 20- Xenocide IV

Full Walkthrough by Leafonthewin


22:50 December 31st 2371


Operation: Xenocide is now entering it's final phase. As the clock ticks down to midnight, elite MI strike teams prepare to drop to Klendathu.

Their sole objective is the destruction of the ruling caste of the arachnid Swarm.

Each team will be outfitted with purpose specific Nova charges. Each and every Queen and Brain bug must be destroyed. The resulting psychic shockwave should take care of the rest.

This is our last chance for victory. It's us or them!

Mission Briefing

Starship: Rodger Young 2

Operation: Xenocide IV

Mission Sector: 231

Good evening, Lieutenant. We are now entering the final phase of Operation Xenocide. Your platoon has been selected for this mission, because of your consistently high success rate. You are now one of over a thousand strike teams about to descend into the bug tunnels across Klendathu. This is one mission which you absolutely cannot fail.

Your objectives are as follows:

Your strike team will descend into the tunnel complex, and locate the Queen arachnid. They are gigantic immobile creatures. You will not mistake one when you come across it.

Once you have found the Queen, you are to place six Nova Bombs around her body. These bombs are Scale Ten charges and are synchronized to detonate at zero hundred hours. You must ensure that your bombs are in place before the time runs out

Once the bombs are armed you must get your team out of the tunnel system. We are sending a tech team ahead of you. They will place an Ambrose teleporter at pre-set co-ordinates which will be visible on your Tac map. Once the charges are set, get your team to the teleporter before the time runs out.

This will be a tough mission, Lieutenant. Expect heavy resistance when you get close to the Queen. Recon squads report that the bugs are seething across the surface of Klendathu. Perhaps they can sense that their end is near.

Proceed now to assemble your strike team.

Summary of Objectives

1. Locate Queen arachnid

2. Position six Nova Bombs around her body

3. Exit via the teleporter within the time limit.


The war is over, Lieutenant. The bugs have been defeated by the bravery and intelligence of a ten thousand Terran citizens. Command HQ report 100% success rate. The surface of Klendathu is littered with millions of dead or dying arachnids. Most of the Swarm appears to have been killed instantly when the Queens and Brains were fried. Those bugs that survived are dead, they just don't know it yet.

In a short time, we will break orbit and begin our journey back to Sanctuary Station. You have embodied the most noble aspirations of a Terran citizen. It has been a pleasure to serve with you, Lieutenant. You should now go and join the ship-wide celebrations, and before I forget, Lieutenant, Happy New Year.



05:30 January 1st 2372


On the stroke of midnight, the final act of Operation: Xenodcide was played out. All across Klendathu, at the heart of each arachnid nest, the Queens were assassinated. As the mothers of the Arachnid race burned, the trauma was telepathically shared by all their children. The survivors now wander without purpose, thoughtless drones awaiting the end.

Operation: Xenocide could not have succeeded were it not for the selfless valor of the men and women of the Mobile Infantry.

So many Troopers made the ultimate sacrifice that we may once more live in peace. We salute them now as we descend to the surface of Klendathu, and witness at first hand our final victory over the Bugs.

To the everlasting glory of the Mobile Infantry... </blockquote\>

Characters: The Lieutenant: The player's Lieutenant for their strike team, default name is Johnny (Possibly a nod to Johnny Rico from the film.) But the player can change the name, can be either male or female.

The MI platoon: The player's platoon, who can be selected to participate in a strike team for missions throughout the game. Like the Lieutenant, they can be male or female and carry any weapon and 2 pieces of equipment. However, unlike the Lieutenant if they are killed they can be replaced and the mission will not fail. If the player manages to collect their dog tags, they will be listed as KIA, if they don't have their dog tags, they will be MIA, however if the medic's medivac is used on them, they will be evacuated and ready to use in the next mission. The specialists for the team are Medic, Engineer, MIST suit and Special Talent (Psychic). There are also various marauder suits available for every soldier who is promoted past private.

Ensign Barrie: Comms member of the Roger Young, assists the player in several missions.

Ensign DeSilva: Comms member of the Valley Forge, assists the player in several missions including Klendathu and Planet P. The Valley Forge is destroyed during the Planet P operation and she escapes and becomes a temporary member of the Lieutenant's squad, appears again later during the second invasion to Klendathu.

Major Johnathan Bishop: A senior officer in Fedral intelligence, accompanies the player through several missions.

Colonel Juanita Chaplin: Commander of a base on a lava planet that is rescued along with a trooper in the new MIST suit.

Colonel Cheng: A psychic (referred to as "Special Talent" in the game) MI officer who appears during the evacuation of the Special Talent academy and later during the first two missions of Operation: Xenocide.

Major Reid: The player's instructor in officer candidate school and later appears during the third mission of Operation Xenocide.

Colonel Holland: A psychic officer in the MI. Appears during the Fort Joe Smith rescue instructing the player to capture a Hopper bug and later, while not physically appearing in the Whiskey outpost mission, orders them to capture a chariot. Later revealed to be a traitor and leaking information to the arachnids. Major Bishop and the strike team travel to the planet he is on to arrest him, however he turns into a arachnid/human hybrid and is killed along with his brain bug.

Major Rippon: Commander of the outpost who is being controlled by Holland, he and his soldiers are killed by the strike team.

Zac O' Neil: A survivor of Fort Joe Smith, he 2 other engineers, and O' Neil's family are evacuated by the strike team.

Major Donald Munroe: A reporter for the MI show "Fednet 27" he and three other soldiers carrying video cameras accompany the unit to a planet where they are helping settlers return home, but the mission goes wrong and they are forced to evacuate the planet again.

Colonel Owen: Based on Colonel Owen from the movie, he can either be evacuated or killed during the Whiskey Outpost Mission.

Ensign Kosminsky: Another fleet member who communicates with the player.

Ensign Ichikawa: A fleet member aboard the Xenophon who communicates with the player during the mission to arrest Holland.

Sergeant Karl Nixon: First encountered during the Mars mission where he fires a nuke (Which were prohibited from being used there in the first place.) that almost kills the player's unit, later encountered during a rescue mission that Major Bishop was involved in. Provided he survived the mission, he will become a member of the player's unit for the rest of the game.

Private Zim: He is involved in the brain bug capture on Planet P, the player's strike team covers him from Spitters.

Kitten Smith: A member of the Roughnecks who appears at the end of the Brain bug capture mission, complaining that he thought they'd never get there and the way is clear. (This is contradictory to the plot of the film, as Kitten was killed during the Klendathu mission.)

Colonel Schmidt: Commander of the outpost that Major Bishop was trying to reach with Nixon's unit, he tells the Major that they tried to call off the rescue because the bugs knew they were coming, dying shortly after.

Sergeant Peatree: The only survivor of Operation: Cakewalk, he is evacuated by the strike team after killing his squad who were being controlled by the bugs after they were already killed.

Colonel Dubois: The player's battalion commander, he was instructed by Colonel Owen at OCS, and is the one to brief and debreif the player before and after every mission.


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