Gameplay screenshot from Starship Troopers Battlespace

Starship Troopers: Battlespace was an online multiplayer top-down space shooter made by Mythic Entertainment and released in 24 September 1998 by Kesmai Corporation. It was one of the movie-based online games made by Mythic Entertainment, along with Aliens Online and Godzilla Online.

The game had no offline feature and online gameplay was disabled in 2001.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players could fight in campaigns or quick matches as the human Feds or the alien Arachnids, battling live players from the opposing team. Points and victories contributed to persistently-tracked stats, resulting in regular promotions for skilled players.

Both sides could select to fly any one of five ship classes - light, medium, medium heavy and heavy fighters, as well as a carrier ship that could ferry troops to contested planets. Players could rearm, repair or dock to save their current score at starbases or friendly planets scattered around the arena (death reset a player's score to the last saved number). Players could also form teams or "guilds" called squadrons.

Five arenas were available, with different objectives for each. The first three required each side to capture all planets in the arena. Planets were captured by having a player select and pilot the lumbering carrier class ship, pick up troops from their side's home planet and unload them on the target planet (ideally with other players providing fighter cover along the way). The fourth arena required teams to destroy four of the enemy's bases. The fifth arena awarded victory to the side that killed 50 enemy ships.

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