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Skimmers are hovering transports. They are capable of hovering over both water and land, even shown to have flight abilities. A skimmer lacks heavy armor and the weapons of the Skinnies can easily take it down. Having no personal offensive capabilities, it relies on personnel to fire from the open deck of the ship.

Skimmers are also able to hold jet skis and boats. While in motion, they were able to detach these craft for tactical operations behind enemy lines.


There is two known variants of Skimmer:[1]

  • F90-2 Pegasus Combat Skimmer
  • Sprite Reconnaissance Skimmer

Known Personnel[]



Skimmer deploying a boat and jetski

The Roughnecks first use Skimmers during the Hydora Campaign where they used two of them to travel across the almost completely water covered planet with ease.

The crew of the skimmer is well protected as the Roughnecks are several times shot down in their skimmer (on Tophet, Tesca and Klendathu), but they don't suffer any casualties during those crashes.