This page is about the character from the film universe, for the novel character, see Shujumi (novel).

Shujumi was a soldier in the Mobile Infantry. Prior to enlisting, he was accepted to Harvard University; unable to afford tuition, he joined the Federal Service so that the Federation could pay for his college education.


Before the war against the arachnids begin, he was a member of Rico's team. After Breckinridge is accidentally killed by Djana'D, while Rico was given ten lashes later, he was visibly devastated. During the Battle of Klendathu, it may be implied that Shujumi was high on some sort of stimulant, with the way he clenches his jaw, cheers at the turbulence, and the overconfident and reckless way he was advancing ahead of his squad, but he'd be flanked by a Warrior Bug, severing his leg at the knee. Although Shujumi was incapacitated, "Bugs don't take prisoners", and a pack of Warriors descended on the wounded Shujumi, completely tearing him apart limb from limb.

He was presumably killed from the bugs tearing him apart and therefore not able to attend Harvard University. His spot at the university was given to another student.


  • Though his ethnicity was not mentioned in the film, Shujumi is Japanese in the novel. However, Anthony Ruivivar, the actor who portrayed Shujumi, has Filipino ancestry, just like Juan Rico from the novel.

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  • TBA


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