Sharaabi is a medic in SICON.


Sharaabi was stationed at Zegema Beach Base during the Tesca Nemerosa campaign. When Rico was wounded by a Jungle Spider, she was put in charge of his rehabilitation. She planned to have Intel wipe his memory in order to hasten his recovery.

During the course of Rico's rehabilitation, she had discussions with Doc LaCroix about Rico's possible Section 8 Discharge. This reached the ears of Lieutenant Razak who also protested this to General Redwing, believing that if Rico required a memory-wipe, to at the very least return him to Razak's squad so as to teach him who he was previously. Redwing argued that Razak would only be hoping for the "old Rico".

Dr. Sharaabi was also consistently sedating Rico while he remained on life support as she was thoroughly convinced Rico was mentally unwell. Before she could sedate him again, Sharaabi was stopped by Carmen Ibanez. However, Sharaabi still believed Rico had cracked under combat stress and would not believe his warnings about a possible bug attack on the base. Once the Control Bugs finally stormed the base and Rico had punched himself free of his life support chamber, Sharaabi admitted she was wrong to disbelieve Rico's warnings. She concluded the life support's interior fluids were amplifying the underground noises Rico was hearing the control bugs make as they travelled through tunnels made by the Tanker Worms.





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