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The name or term "Charles Zim" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Charles Zim (disambiguation).

Sergeant Zim was a drill instructor in the Mobile Infantry. He was stationed in Camp Currie on Earth, teaching and weeding out recruits for the Mobile Infantry.


Starship Troopers film[]

Zim served as the tough but fair drill instructor at Camp Currie for the 6th Mobile Infantry Division, reporting directly to a Major. He would be assigned a unit of recruits that included Johnny, Dizzy Flores, Shujumi, and Kitten Smith. Later, he promote Johnny Rico to squad leader. However, after the incident that killed Breckinridge, Zim relieved Johnny's duty. Upon hearing what Rico had to say about the incident and how Rico wanted to win the scenario, the Camp Currie Commanding Officer asked Zim for his input on whether he believed Rico can be salvaged for the Mobile Infantry. Zim stated that Rico can be salvaged, and the Major went for Administrative Punishment on Rico of 10 lashes. Zim would promote Ace Levy to the role of Squad Leader.

When a "Bug Meteor" destoryed Buenos Aires, Zim went to the Commander's office, attempting to be transferred to combat duty to be part of the upcoming war. The Commander refused, stating the only way Zim would leave Camp Currie was to get busted to private. The Commander would ultimately give Zim the discretion to reject or accept Rico's intent to withdraw his application to leave the Mobile Infantry, which he granted by ripping up his form.

Later on Planet P, Zim successfully captured the Brain Bug after it is sighted by Johnny, Carmen and several Roughnecks soldiers. Johnny and Carl congratulate Zim who is being surrounded by many troopers in celebration.

After Johnny congratulated him on a good job, and saying his former rank of Sergeant, Zim corrected him that he was a Private. The now Lieutenant Rico only smirked and told the former Drill Instructor to carry on, prompting Zim to salute him, and celebrate with the Troopers on their victory. 


  • It was intended for Zim to appear in Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, but Brown was unavailable due to Carnivàle, so the character Captain Dax was created.[citation needed]
  • Zim was mentioned in Starship Troopers: Invasion (alive). Zim is possibly retired from the military and opened a bar or restaurant. Johnny Rico mentioned that after Carmen completes her mission, they should meet up at "Zim's".
  • The point of showing the Drill Instructor was the one who captured the key objective, was to symbolize that training is the key matter, not a fancy new weapon.




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