Sergeant Rye is member of the Federation's marine corps. The sergeant was responsible for guarding the Sky Marshal along with the Marine squad he commanded.

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During the Second Bug War Sergeant Rye was assigned to guard duty for Sky Marshal Omar Anoke. When the Sky Marshal travelled across Federal Space aboard the Geronimo Rye along with his marine squad accompanied him staying aboard the Sky Marshal's boat even when docked onto the Geronimo.

During one of these trips Sergeant Rye and his marines accompanied the Sky Marshal to the surface of Roku San to a military assistance base. Rye and his Marines stayed by their boat whilst the Sky Marshal visited the base when unexpectedly the base's defences went down causing Arachnid Warrior Bugs to swarm into the base.

Separated from the Sky Marshal in a combat scenario Sergeant Rye led his men into the the base in search of him. Eventually, Rye finds the Sky Marshal and General Hauser and escorts them back to the boat whilst fighting off several Warrior Bugs in the process. Barely managing to retreat to the boat Rye was wounded when a Warrior Bug stabbed him in the thigh. They were able however to get aboard the boat and fly to the Geronimo.

The Geronimo left orbit and proceeded to enter lightspeed when it was suddenly hit by several plasma bursts forcing the ship into normal space over the orbit of OM-1. Since the Sky Marshal was in danger, Rye led his marines to meet up with the Sky Marshal, however damage to the ship prevented them from meeting up and Rye was forced to withdraw to the Sky Marshal's boat and evacuate to the planet's surface. The boat successfully accomplished this on auto-pilot, however during the evacuation it sustained damage causing an air leak and creating a vacuum inside the vessel. As such, Sergeant Rye and his men suffocated and died before entering orbit. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder


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