Second Bug War
Logo de la Segunda Guerra contra los Bichos
Logo of the Second Bug War

Place Roku SanOM-1 - Fort Casey - Earth
Territorial changes

Roku San destroyed by Arachnids, Arachnid world OM-1 destroyed by Federation

FederationFlag Omar Anoke
FederationFlag Enolo Phid
FederationFlag Amy Snapp
Arachnid Symbol Behemecoatyl
Arachnid Symbol Queen Bugs

Arachnid Symbol Brain Bugs


Federal Armed Services

Arachnid Species

First Bug War Second Bug War

The Second Bug War, or Bug War 2, refers to the current war between the United Citizen Federation and the Arachnids. This war is the continuation of the First Bug War.

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After the First Bug War ended a period of around five years[citation needed] of peace ensued. However, eventually Arachnid forces began invading planets within United Citizen Federation Space, beginning their new offensive and thus starting the Second Bug War. To counter this, Federal military forces were deployed to defend the Roku San Line on the once peaceful farming planet called Roku San. The planet did not hold off the Arachnids when the Federal Base's defenses mysteriously went offline allowing swarms of Warrior Bugs, Bombardiers, and Scorpions to completely overrun the base.

Shortly after the fall of Roku San, the Corvette Transport Geronimo was knocked out of lightspeed by Plasma, heavily damaging the ship over an unexplored planet. An evacuation was forced when the secondary generator exploded and personnel including Sky Marshal Anoke, and Captain Lola Beck abandoned ship in an Escape pod onto the surface of the planet soon to be named OM-1.

Meanwhile with the loss of Roku San, Colonel John Rico was blamed for the defeat and sentenced to be executed via the gallows in the Alamo Bay Detention Center. His life was spared after his rope is deliberately cut. General Hauser save Rico's life so as to use him to go and save the stranded crew on OM-1. Rico along with several survivors of Roku San were deployed to the Marauder Project, which at this time was classified. It was later found out that Sky Marshal Anoke had lost his mind and become a slave to the Arachnids, going to OM-1 to give all his knowledge to Behemecoatyl, the Arachnid God Bug. He was eaten alive, but the other survivors were saved when Federal Forces invade OM-1, using the new Marauder. Only one squad of seven Marauders was deployed, but these prove to completely obliterate all Arachnid forces in the immediate vicinity. The two survivors are rescued and the York deploys the Q Bomb, destroying OM-1.

The Battle proves the Marauders' battle effectiveness, thus allowing them to become proper front-line units.

The war continues with Marauders as a new front-line unit. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

A while after the Battle of OM-1, several events happened, one of them is the John A. Warden Incident, which ends with Arachnids directly enter Earth with invasive intention and at least one Warrior Bugs survived the battle.

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