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The Second Battle of Klendathu, as its names suggests, is humanity's second invasion on the planet Klendathu.


Starship Troopers novelEdit

Because there were still Mobile Infantry troopers held captive by the Pseudo-Arachnids on the planet Klendathu, the Terran Federation could not use a Nova Bomb to destroyed the planet. Thus, the Federation planned a second invasion on Klendathu.

Rico's Roughnecks participated the Second Battle of Klendathu. Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers film Edit

The invasion began with Athena class starships launching F-76 Thunderbolts and Dropships from orbit whilst under Arachnid plasma bolt fire from the planet's surface. Later in the battle the bulk of the the fleet became Corvette Transports including the new Rodger Young which replaced the previous ship of its name that had been destroyed during the Invasion of Planet P.

Despite the battle being vastly more successful than the previous one it lasted for over three years with the Arachnids fighting fiercely to defend their home planet. Mobile Infantry forces faught alongside the Neodog Corps in tracking down and destroying Bug holes, whilst Fleet ships from orbit provided support. Despite the Federations space and air superiority throughout the battle the Arachnids were still capable of firing large quantities of plasma against the Fleet.

The battle eventually became a slugging match with neither the Federation or the Arachnids gaining a decisive winning edge. To attempt to rectify this, the Federal Military made the first deployment of a Powered armor suit to test its combat capabilities against the Arachnids. A Powered armor suit worn by Thomas Trask was launched via capsule from a Corvette Transport in orbit. When deployed, Trask was able to use the suit to find a Neodog by a Bug hole and using it for guidance was able to rescue captured M.I. Troopers, killing a Brain Bug before being extracted. These Power suits were then deployed in a team for the rest of the battle.


  • In the comic series Dominant Species, a three year long battle is shown on Klendathu. Although this battle is never identified, it is unable to be the First battle, yet could be the Second despite different Starships being used to the first film. In this comic, a Corvette Transport appears, baring the same name as the first Rodger Young (176), however, the ID number does not match the ship in the film, and its crew are not any of the characters from the film. As such, it is believed that this is a different ship and takes place during the second battle of Klenathu.
  • Despite the Morita II Assault Rifles had been introduced into service by the start of the battle, Mobile Infantry that fought in this battle were equiped with the original variant of the weapon.
  • It is believed to be the second battle because in the film, 100,000 were killed in one hour and with the UCF suffering about 500,000 casualties, (300,000 KIA, 200,000 MIA), the battle probably lasted five hours in theory where the battle in the comic series Dominant Species lasted three years.



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