Search and Destroy is the 8th episode of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, originally airing October 21, 1999. It is part of the second story arc, The Hydora Campaign.


The Roughnecks are sent into enemy territory to search for a Rippler nest and destroy it. Razak decides to split the Roughnecks into two groups - Brutto is put in charge of one group, consisting of Rico, Carl, Higgins and Doc; while Razak takes Dizzy and Gossard. Brutto's group faces massive enemy threats along the way, and Carl is severely injured. Rico and Doc want Brutto to break radio silence and notify Razak about Carl, but Brutto refuses. Then, their boat winds up destroyed in a whirlpool. Everybody survives, surfacing in a grotto where they're picked up by Razak. Rico and Brutto come to blows over not contacting Razak -- but the argument is cut short when the Roughnecks finally discover the massive egg sacks, and Adult Ripplers arrive to defend the babies. Rico saves Brutto's life ... and eventually, the squad must blow up the grotto with a huge explosion -- which they must outrun in order to live. Later, because Rico and Brutto have bonded, Rico covers for Brutto. Razak is skeptical ... but lets it drop.




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