Royal Warrior as seen in Starship Troopers

The Royal Warrior is a larger variant of the Warrior Bug. The Royals serve as generals of the Bug army. Two Royals are sometimes used as bodyguards to a Brain Bug or Queen Bug. They are nearly invulnerable, except for their eyes, which provide a weak spot to destroy their vulnerable nerve stem. Rocket launchers, nukes, and grenades are ineffective against this heavily armored Bug. Therefore, MI soldiers can only use standard rifles to aim at their eyes in an attempt to kill it.

Starship Troopers (2005 video game)Edit

During the First Bug War, Royal Warriors were deployed at Hesperus where the United Citizen Federation counterattacked the planet to retake their mining installations. Several Royals were in combat and commanded Bug armies to vital areas of the planet to drive back Mobile Infantry invasion forces. Royals overpowered MI Cap troopers and were capable of killing entire squads; however, the Royals eventually met their match and were killed by Marauder 6 "Spooky".

During the final assault to capture the planet's Brain Bug in the calderas of the Hesperus Volcano, two served as bodyguards to protect their leader but were killed off by Marauder 6. The final Royal, the X-Bug, a bio-engineered Royal Warrior created by General Hauser, was the only Bug left standing. Marauder 6 defeated the Bug by blasting out its eyes and a spot under the "thorax", the part with four legs. After the X-Bug was defeated, the only Arachnid left alive was the Brain Bug and the Mobile Infantry swarmed the chamber and captured the Bug, ending the Battle of Hesperus in total UCF victory. With Hesperus retaken, Royal Warriors would soon return on the battlefield about 6 years later during the second conflict with the Arachnids. Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers: Invasion - "Mobile Infantry" Edit


Royal Warrior in Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry"

During the Second Bug War, around the time of the Battle of Fort Casey, Royal Warriors evolved into standard Warrior Bugs with red markings. The new Royals were gray in color with the red colors and served different functions. Royals were no longer generals but were specialized infantry and still served their main function as bodyguards. By this time, Royals could gorge major amounts of firepower but could easily be killed by a grenade from a grenade launcher, unlike their previous breed during the battle on Hesperus. Royals were more effective against targets with weaker firepower but wefre no match for targets with heavy firepower. Federal Intelligence Bugs can easily take out a Royal Warrior with several slashes, however in some situations, a Royal can easily kill an FIB with one heavy slash or stomp. The reasons why Royal warriors evolved more weaknesses and strengths are unknown but they still serve as bodyguards of the Queen Bug. When as specialized soldiers in combat, Royals attack in pairs of 3 or 2.

During the battle in the Skinny Temple, a pack of Royal Warriors crawled out the Bug holes when the K-12 Team secured the Temple when facing four Plasma Grenadier Bugs. The Royals were defeated and the Mobile Infantry proceeded into Bug City located directly beneath the Temple. During the raid to capture the hive, 3 Royals were the target of the player in one of the tunnels and were defeated by Federal Intelligence Bugs and the grenade launcher. Later when the K-12 Team arrived at the Queen's chambers, 2 Royals, serving as bodyguards, were distracted by the K-12 Team and all Bugs in the chamber attacked the K-12, giving Carl Jenkins and the Federation Marine Corps plenty of time to capture the Queen Bug and prepare it for evacuation onboard the John A. Warden.

Later, after clearing the hive, Henry Varro and his men were unaware that the Queen was already captured by Jenkins. Varro and his men tried to figure out what happened to the Queen and just guessed that Brain Bugs killed the Queen when the fighting got close. This may indicate that Brain Bugs were present at the battle but this was just a theory developed for the disappearance of the Queen. The K-12 hear a roar and are ordered to move out. While hunting for the Super Tank Bug, Royal Warriors are all over the asteroid surface preventing the K-12 from reaching the tank. The Royals were defeated and the player, with the aide of Federal Intelligence Bugs, reached a giant Royal Warrior, that shoots a purple corrosive liquid, known as the Super Tank Bug. The player defeated it by shooting out its eyes to reach its nerve stem, much like the original breed on Hesperus. All remaining Royals were killed during the destruction of Fort Casey during detonation. However, Royals were not present at the John A. Warden Incident. Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry"


  • In Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry", it is unknown if the red Bugs are Royals are not. They are presumed to be Royal Bugs when only a pair of these Bugs acted as bodyguards in the Queen's chambers. The method of killing the Super Tank Bug is also the same way of killing Royal Warriors on Hesperus. Despite their larger size, they are most likely the new evolved Royal Warrior.
  • The red color of the Royal Warriors at Fort Casey may also be a homage to the red uniforms of British Queen's Guards, showing their affiliation to Great Britian's queen and king.


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