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Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles was a CGI animated television series based on both the novel by Robert A. Heinlein and the 1997 film adaptation directed by Paul Verhoeven, who served as executive producer for the series. It follows the exploits of the Mobile Infantry squad "Razak's Roughnecks" during the SICON-Arachnid war, and focuses mainly on the small actions in which the squad participates, rather than addressing the larger war.

The series aired for one season on PAX beginning in August 1999 and in syndication in the United States and Canada. It was later picked up by the SciFi Channel in the US, and Teletoon in Canada. The show has subsequently developed an underground cult following, with its popularity slowly rising despite lack of public exposure.

The show borrows elements from Paul Verhoeven's film, but incorporates more elements from the original novel the film was based on, such as the Skinnies, powered armor suits, and drop pods. Some elements are original (e.g. the war starts on Pluto), and the controversial politics of the original book are mostly left out.



The Pluto Campaign
  1. S01E01 1999-8-30 "Freefall"
  2. S01E02 1999-8-31 "Plasma Bugs of Navarone"
  3. S01E03 1999-9-01 "Handle With Care"
  4. S01E04 1999-9-03 "Basic Training"
  5. S01E05 1999-9-22 "Deep Trouble"


The Hydora Campaign
  1. S01E06 1999-10-12 "Water, Water Everywhere
  2. S01E07 1999-9-30 "Swarm"
  3. S01E08 1999-10-21 "Search and Destroy"
  4. S01E09 1999-11-12 "Missing in Action"
  5. S01E10 1999-11-04 "Sole Survivor"


The Tophet Campaign
  1. S01E11 2000-2-16 "Betrayal"
  2. S01E12 1999-9-02 "Stranded"
  3. S01E13 1999-9-28 "Of Flesh and Steel"
  4. S01E14 2000-1-28 "Captured"
  5. S01E15 2000-2-14 "The Face of Truth"


The Tesca Campaign
  1. S01E16 1999-11-19 "No Substitute"
  2. S01E17 1999-9-12 "And Then There Were Two"
  3. S01E18 1999-12-03 "Marauder"
  4. S01E19 1999-12-17 "Liquid Dreams"
  5. S01E20 2000-1-03 "Heart"


The Zephyr Campaign
  1. S01E21 2000-2-08 "Ice-Olation"
  2. S01E22 2000-2-15 "Mixed Signals"
  3. S01E23 1999-12-06 "Hot Ice"
  4. S01E24 2000-1-17 "The Inside Story"
  5. S01E25 2000-3-08 "The Ice Men Goeth"


The Klendathu Campaign
  1. S01E26 2000-2-?? "Metamorphosis"
  2. S01E27 2000-2-17 "D-Day"
  3. S01E28 2000-2-25 "The Mission"
  4. S01E29 2000-?-?? "Letters Home"
  5. S01E30 2000-3-06 "Checkmate"

Trackers and clip shows[]

  1. CS1 1999-9-17 "Pluto and Beyond"
  2. CS2 2000-1-14 "Propaganda Machine"
  3. CS3 2000-2-22 "Marooned"
  4. CS4 2000-4-03 "Court-martial of Lt. Razak"
  5. S01E31 2000-3-28 "Trackers"

Episode 131 takes place just prior to the Homefront Campaign, but it is NOT included on the Homefront Campaign DVD. It has been released (along with the four Clip Shows) on a separate DVD simply called "Trackers."


The Homefront Campaign
  1. S01E32 2000-3-05 "Among Us"
  2. S01E33 (scrapped) "Home Front"
  3. S01E34 2000-3-17 "Hide N' Seek"
  4. S01E35 2000-6-29 "Requiem"
  5. S01E36 2000-6-?? "Funeral For a Friend"
  6. S01E37 2000-7-04 "Spirits of the Departed"

Unproduced episodes[]

  1. S01E38 "The Gates of Hell"
  2. S01E39 "Circle of the Damned"
  3. S01E40 "Final Inferno"