The Roku San Military Assistance Base is a Federal base on Roku San built to defend the planet's farmers from Arachnids.

History Edit

With the renewal of Arachnid aggressions starting the Second Bug War, the once peaceful farming planet Roku San became under invasion from the Arachnids. With the planet under attack, the Federal Military deployed a regiment of Mobile Infantry to defend the planet. Forced to protect the farmers, the troopers dug in and created a trench base. This held for a period of time before its defenses went down one night, marking the start the Battle of Roku San.

The base fell due the vast numbers of Warrior Bugs overrunning the trenches, and a Scorpion Bug destroying the command center.

The Commanding Officer, Colonel Johnny Rico , was scapegoated for the loss of the base, and was sentenced to be hanged. However, the true culprit for the loss of the Roku San Base, was actually the visiting Sky Marshall, Omar Anoke,  who deactivated the power to the base defenses, leaving the MI Troopers as sitting ducks.  

Defenses Edit


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