The Rhino Bug as seen in the 2005 video game Starship Troopers.

"...they may not be the smartest bugs in the galaxy but you definitely don't want to hit 'em head on."
Commander Harris

The Rhino Warrior is a fast, clumsy Arachnid that attacks by charging and trampling or gouging their enemy with a large horned tusk. They are virtually invulnerable in the front but can easily be killed by shooting in the red glowing tissue in the rear. Rhino Bugs were deployed on Hesperus where they can be seen trampling many Mobile Infantry troopers to death. In each mission on Hesperus, two Rhino Bugs were encountered. All bugs were killed as the Federation left the Brain Bug as the only Arachnid survivor of the battle.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Types Warrior - Worker - Tiger - Rhino
Royal Warrior - Plasma Warrior - Super Tank
UCF X-Bug - Federal Intelligence Bug
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