Planet P is a planet visited in several incarnations of the Starship Troopers universe. The planet differs in appearance on each of these.

Starship Troopers novelEdit

Planet P is smaller than Terra with 0.7 surface gravity. It is largely arctic-cold oceans and rock, with some lichenous flora. It has one continent which is approximately half the size of Australia, with the rest of the land on the planet being made of many small islands. Its air is not breathable for long as it consists of nitrous oxide and too much ozone.

The planet is known to have Pseudo-Arachnid Queens and Brain Bugs reside in. The Terran Federation decided to start "Operation Royalty" to capture these "Royal" Bugs. A Mobile Infantry unit from the company "Blackie's Blackguards" successfully captured a Brain Bug alive. However, the Queen was killed by Warriors before the human can capture her. Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers film universeEdit

Planet-P Venta Monis
Region Arachnid Quarantine Zone
Diameter Unknown
Atmospheric features
  • Oxygen
  • Others


Humans (Invaders)

Indigenous Arachnids (colonizers)
Affiliation Arachnid Symbol Arachnids

Planet-P Venta Monis[citation needed] is a planet in the Klendathu system colonised by Arachnids. The planet orbits Klendathu's twin suns, and has three moons orbiting it.


Like all planets in the Klendathu system, Planet P is extremely rocky. The surface is comprised of razor-sharp canyons.

History Edit

Main article: Ambush at Whiskey Outpost

A distress call was received from Planet P from Whiskey Outpost, and therefore the Roughnecks were ordered to investigate.

Upon landing on the planet, the Roughnecks encountered several Hoppers stalking them on their route to the outpost and picking off stragglers. The Roughnecks reached the outpost, only to find it covered in corpses of the men stationed there with only one survivor, the outpost's commanding officer General Owen, who had hidden during the slaughter of his men. They discovered several corpses with holes in their heads where, according to Lieutenant Rasczak, "they sucked his brains out". The general, still in a mad state of shock, offered vast rewards to Lieutenant Rasczak and his men before showing them the base's radio operator, who also had a hole in his head, stating "they make you do things. They made Farley call headquarters".

Realizing this must be a trap, the Roughnecks prepared for a likely attack. Just as they manned the defenses, they were then attacked by thousands of Arachnids, consisting of Warriors, Tankers, and Hoppers. The base's radio was initially damaged, but it was quickly fixed during the engagement and the Roughnecks barely managed to escape on a Landing Boat piloted by Carmen Ibanez and Zander Barcalow. Having only deployed a proportion of their unit, the Roughnecks remained relatively intact. However the unit lost Lieutenant Rasczak, its commanding officer, and a few dozen troopers, including Dizzy Flores.

Military Intelligence had expected a Brain Bug to be on the planet; they used the Roughnecks as bait.

Main article: Invasion of Planet P

With proof of Planet P having a Brain Bug, Military Intelligence organized an invasion of Planet P to capture the Brain Bug that tricked the Roughnecks into the Ambush at Whiskey Outpost. The invasion force consisted of Mobile Infantry supported by Fleet in orbit.

The Arachnids were forced to stay largely underground, therefore allowing the Mobile Infantry to establish a beachhead on the planet. Arachnid forces then deployed Plasma Bugs against Fleet ships in orbit, destroying many ships, including the Rodger Young. The Mobile Infantry entered the Arachnids' caverns in search of the Brain Bug. It was a detachment from the Roughnecks that first sighted the Brain Bug when going on a rescue mission for Carmen Ibanez and Zander Barcalow, who had crashed on an escape pod into a cavern of Arachnids. The rescue was partially successful as Carmen Ibanez was rescued; however, Zander Barcalow and trooper Sugar Watkins were killed. The Brain Bug escaped the cavern before a nuke was set off; however, it was later captured by Drill Instructor-turned trooper Zim. The Brain was then taken to the Alamo Bay Detention Center. What happens to the invasion next remains unknown to this day. Starship Troopers

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