Inicial quote Look, I don't like funerals. Do me a favor, DON'T get killed. Final quote

—Bugspray replying Trig's request for a favor, Starship Troopers: Invasion

Lieutenant Otis Hacks, callsign "Bugspray", was an Elite Trooper and the second-in-command of the Roughnecks 2-0 K-12 team that stationed at Fort Casey. He was a handsome playboy.[1]


After Major Varro, the commander of K-12, was arrested under Carl Jenkins's order due to the disobedience, Lieutenant Hacks became the acting commander of the team.

He, along with Ratzass and Holy Man, was the survivors of K-12 team at Fort Kasey. They were later rescued by the A-01 team, lead by Lieutenant Daugherty before they boarded the Fast Attack Ship Alesia during the Battle of Fort Casey. When heading to the ship, he was saved by Trig from a Warrior Bug. Later, Bugspray gave Trig a hand when the Alesia took off the fort.

Aboard the Alesia, he and Ratzass met Ice Blonde, the corporal of the A-01 team, in the locker room. Ratzass tried to flirt with Ice Blonde but failed and Hacks laughed at him.

Later, when Hacks was trying to find and get in his room, he found the room was locked. Trig, who lived in the room across the hallway, came out and helped him to open the door. However, there was no bed, so Trig invited Hacks to her room. After a conversation, Hacks had an intercourse with her. After the intercourse, Trig told Hacks her story and the rifle she used. A while later, they entered the conference room together and every troopers cheered for them.

Lieutenant Hacks later joined the search for the missing ship, the John A. Warden. Before the mission, Trig asked him to bury her rifle at her home town if she died. Hacks replied that he asked she not to die.

After the ship was found, the troopers realized it had been taken over by the Queen Bug. The Bugs destroyed the Alesia and prepared heading to Earth.

Hacks volunteered to back Trig up when she was going to kill the Queen, but she refused as he couldn't fit in the air vent. After the John A. Warden crashlanded on Earth, Hacks and Varro went to the Queen's chamber to kill her. However, on their way to the chamber, Hacks found Trig dead before he was ambushed by a Warrior Bug. Being mortally wounded, he told Varro to go as he would hold the line. He died after he killed several Warrior Bugs with Trig's rifle. Starship Troopers: Invasion


  • "Otis" is a male given name derived from an English surname, which was in turn derived from Ode, a variant form of Odo, Otto.




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