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Otis HacksStarship Troopers: Invasion

Morita XXX Sniper Rifle (pronounced as "Triple X") is a large caliber sniper rifle produced by Morita Company.


The A-01 sniper Trig was known to use the Morita XXX, which was made by her parents. Trig swore to avenge her parents' death by using the rifle. She counted every Bugs she killed.

Every commander Trig had ever served under tried to get her use the regulation gun, until they saw how many she killed with the Morita XXX.

Before the mission to investigate the John A. Warden, Trig asked Bugspray to bury her rifle at her home town if she died. Bugspray replied that he asked that she did not die.

After her death, Bugspray found Trig's body along with her gun. Bugspray was soon mortally wounded by a Warrior Bug, he then use her gun to kill Bugs, holding the line for Major Varro before dying. Starship Troopers: Invasion


  • Trig always put her Morita XXX beside her bed.



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