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The Morita II Assault Rifle (or Morita Tonshi) appears on a FedNet propaganda short prior to the Second Battle of Klendathu. More advanced than its predecessor, the Morita II consists of an assault rifle with a grenade launcher capable of launching extremely powerful grenades attached to the lower part of the rifle.


It is uncertain whether the Morita II Assault Rifle was placed into full production. It entered service before the Second Battle of Klendathu. However, Mobile Infantry troopers were still using the original Morita Assault Rifle during the actual battle. As the war progressed, the Morita II Assault Rifle is still in use with the Mobile Infantry. However by this time, several Mobile Infantry units were using E-pulse 44 Rifle as the main Assault rifle instead of the Morita II Assault Rifle.

Eleven years later, during the Second Bug War, the Morita II Assault Rifle was replaced with a newer variant dubbed the Morita III Assault Rifle which, although similar to the Morita II, had a heavier caliber and integral optic sights.


  • Morita II Scatter
  • Morita II Grenade
  • Morita II Scoped
  • Morita II Carbine



  • The Morita II seen in the film is a non-firing fabricated prop made out of vacuum formed plastics, aluminum and resin; no live firearm is housed inside.


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