General Miriam Redwing is a former flame of Lieutenant Jean Razak when they went into Boot camp together. Whilst before the war, Jean Razak left the military to take up teaching whilst Miriam Redwing continued her career until reaching the rank of General in SICON. She is a compassionate yet stern career officer.


General Redwing had a more significant role in the Bug War during the Homefront Campaign. This involved much more interaction with the Roughnecks team. She was willing to listen to a report by Private Carl Jenkins who expressed a positive psychic reading regarding a bug presence on Earth. At the time however, Jenkins was the only SICON psychic who had this vision and thus General Redwing dismissed his warnings as unfounded and unconfirmed. This angered Jenkins enough to briefly lash out with his telepathic powers, cracking a nearby window in General Redwing's office. Sternly, she ordered Jenkins to go on leave for a short period. However, Private Jenkins shared his vision with his childhood friend and squad leader Johnny Rico. As the recently-promoted sergeant of the squad, Rico spoke with Lt. Razak about Jenkin's visions. After some fact-checking with the squad's technical expert Corporal Gossard, Rico and Lt. Razak finally confirmed reasonable consideration to investigate Jenkin's psychic findings. The results led the squad to Little Butte, North Dakota in a covert mission, battling the bugs who also were hatching their own covert mission. During the mission, Redwing raised the squad on their transport comm and demanded answers as to why the Roughnecks deviated from their flight orders. Razak explained the discovery of a new bug threat present on Earth.

General Redwing appeared in another significant chapter of the Homefront Campaign involving a mission set in the San Francisco area. Initially, Sky Marshall Sanchez had the idea to bomb the city area, wiping out both civilian and bug populations. Redwing backed an idea shared by the unlikely pair of Lieutenants Razak and Earl Walker. Their counter-proposal involved setting off underwater charges that would directly destroy the bugs in a human-friendly manner that would prevent rather than create civilization casualties. During this mission, Lt. Razak was killed in action.

Redwing joined the Roughnecks in a memorial service held at Luna Lake, Colorado. At a cabin in the area, Redwing briefly reminisced with Johnny Rico over Lt. Razak. He quickly objected to this and expressed his equally great concern about the Roughnecks being disbanded. Redwing explained that without another Lieutenant available for squad command, the team would have to be reassigned to other units. Despite Rico's best attempts to justify keeping the team intact, Redwing stood by her initial decision and opted that Rico and his team treasure the remaining time they had together, remembering a "beautiful man" in Razak for all that he did for the team. During the course of the event, General Redwing and Private Higgins were captured by Warrior Bugs and brought to the Brain Bug living in the area. Held captive in a small gorge, Higgins and Redwing awaited their fate. However, Rico and his poorly-armed team improvised counter-measures that enabled the rescue of Higgins and Redwing and kill the Brain Bug and its bug force in the resulting landslide created by the Roughnecks.

Impressed by the team's effectiveness as poorly-armed as they were during the situation, General Redwing declared a new ruling that she would not disband the team. Rico expected her to say she would assign a new lieutenant to the squad. Instead, Redwing followed the chain of command and offered Rico the job as he was the next ranking officer in line. This effectively was another battlefield promotion, elevating Sergeant Rico to the rank of Lieutenant.





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