The McHenry Outpost was a SICON research installation on the Arachnid-infested planet of Pluto.

Pluto Campaign[edit | edit source]

According to a SICON mission briefing given by Fleet Commander Marlow, the McHenry outpost was located in a designated quadrant referred to as Quad 18. Fleet Major Zander Barcalow and Fleet Lieutenant Carmen Ibanez were assigned to retrieve the outpost scientists. Despite the Commander's practiced denials of the campaign's growing failure, Lieutenant Ibanez still questioned the reasoning behind retrieving the scientists from an area presumed to be safe from Arachnid threat. During the flight to the outpost, Barcalow and Ibanez's retrieval ship was shot down by bug batteries. The pilots made their way on foot to the McHenry Outpost where they met with seven scientists, and sent out a distress call. The Alpha Team received the call while en route to meet with Delta Squad in a southwestern quadrant. Lieutenant Razak offered assistance but was spurned by Barcalow who insisted his distress call be relayed immediately to Fleet Command so as to receive a replacement retrieval ship. However, Quad 18 was reported as too heavily infested with Arachnids to allow air support. After a careful plan to eliminate Plasma Bugs posted strategically to repel all incoming Fleet aircraft, the Alpha Team succeeded in clearing the airways for safe retrieval flights. By the end of the mission, McHenry Outpost was safely evacuated.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • McHenry Outpost is one of three research facilities visited during the Pluto Campaign. It is however, the only outpost referred to by name.
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