The Marauder MK II is a Powered Suit type vehicle and the second generation of the Marauder type suit with higher mobility and ease of use at the forefront of its design.

A Marauder is piloted by a cap trooper and used the drop pod (pod capsule) to descend directly on planets.

Because the Marauder MK-II is difficult to mass-produce, there are a few units issued to the Marauder Team of Rico's Roughnecks.


The MKII is a mech/vehicle “worn” over the regular power suit to enhance body movement, provide stronger armor, and add additional firepower. While it’s capable of walking on two legs, the thruster jet is more effective for greater distances. It’s equipped with dual Gatling guns, missile launchers, and mega chainsaws to slice and dice bugs in hand-to-leg combat. Within the front protective covering, the operator benefits from a HUD that shows all surroundings and relevant information.


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  • Some equipments, such as claws and heel anchor, aren't used in the film.
  • In the concept art, Marauder's shoulders are originally foldable. After the dropping, the shoulders will be spread up in the air.
  • It is likely the chainsaw is optional equipment attached on the pylon (which is shown in the concept art).
  • Unlike the M11 Babar, the Mk-II pilot wears a Power Suit. Due to this, the Mk-II is not required to be sealed tight as the pilot will never be exposed to a vacuum. This also grants the MK-II greater flexibility than its predecessor.
  • The marauder is the closest rendition of the powered exo-suit from the original Heinlein novel.



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