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The Ape is a "Marauder", a Powered armor type bipedal vehicle.

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles[]

Ape Marauder
Service History
Introduced Unknown
Users Mobile Infantry

The Ape is a type of Marauder armed with a shoulder-mounted Gatling gun, two machine guns and two flamethrowers in each hand, and a missile launcher on the back that can fire various forms of ordinance.

Starship Troopers games by Mongoose Publishing[]

M8 Ape.jpg

The M8 Ape Marauder is a type of Marauder Suit used by the United Citizens Federation.

They are noted for being more famous than the Power Suits worn by the Mobile Infantry and enables a single trooper to take on entire swarms of Arachnids by themselves — though it's usually recommended that they do not actually try this act. The M8 can either upgrade an individual trooper in a squad or be used by NCO's and officers. Typically, they are best deployed within platoons of Marauders. Whilst a heavy piece of equipment, they do possess a good degree of agility allowing them to stay ahead of any Arachnid attack. They provide heavy support on the battlefield for Mobile Infantry squads.

They are noted for being heavily armoured and bedecked with weaponry — their fists holding a Morita Ape Special that are specially adapted version of the rifle carried by normal troopers but with a much higher rate of fire. In addition to that, they use a shoulder mounted Derringer Light Rotary Cannon which can cut through hordes of Warrior Bugs. Furthermore, a back mounted Trip Hammer Mortar provides a more indirect means of artillery fire that can be used against Tanker Bugs giving them to pause when attacking these soldiers. To round off their armaments, the "Ape" also possesses a Hellseed Y-Rack grenade launcher that can provide a means of self-protection against those Bugs that get too close.


  • The name "Ape" possibly derives from the term "Steel Gorilla", which is used to described the Powered armor in the novel. Additionally, "ape" is usually referred to Mobile Infantry troopers in the novel.


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