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Lt. Razak in a power suit

The M-1A4 is the standard light Powered armor available to the Mobile Infantry.

A new breed of Soldier[]

With a suite of servos, electronics and augmentation equipment as advanced as human science can create, a power suit turns its wearer into something inhuman. Tireless, protected from the elements and shielded against all but the most serious forms of harm, such as weather, up to 75 cal., bullets, and lasers, it is easy for a Mobile Infantry trooper to feel like a god among men when wearing this suit. It is only the sudden swipe of a bug mandible or the disorienting blast of a skinnie beamer that brings him crashing down to reality again.

Integrated Equipment[]

An M-1A4 power suit (including the M-1C8 command variant) includes the following equipment items as built-in devices.

The visor is also called a "snooper" because of its various visual and aural enhancing modes. The visor is a wrap-around piece that can be raised or lowered with a shake of the wearer's head. Operated by staring at certain reticules and blinking, the visor is a standard part of the M3 Tactical Helmet and a vital part of a trooper's combat kit.
A periscope is attached over the left audio sensor of the M3 Tactical Helmet and activated by raising one's eyebrows in a quick, tight expression, this thin visual stalk raises to a height of two feet, allowing a trooper to see over the walls of a fortification.
A communicator is built into the M3 Tactical Helmet and the back plate of the suit, it is a high-band communications rig with an effective vertical range of high orbit and a horizontal range of five miles. This communications gear has three channels, each of which can be set on the fly or pre-programmed before a mission.
Helmet lamp
A Helmet lamp is a powerful flashlight that casts a circle of light 15 feet in radius up to a distance of 120 feet. The helmet lamp has four colored lenses in red, green, blue and amber, interchangeable by blinking rapidly, for use during different "marking" missions. It also has an ultraviolet bulb that is only visible in the ultraviolet spectrum.
Enviromentally sealed bodysuit
There is no way for gases, liquids or other contaminants to get to a trooper inside an M-1A4 power suit without it being damaged beforehand. This protects trooper from all sorts of attacks except extremely powerful acids and neural disruptors that use these mediums for transmission. Sealed suits also protect a wearer from harmful atmospheres and vacuum. The power suit can also sustain a considerable amount of electrical current and heat/cold levels.
Air supply
A reserve air supply is built into the chest plate of a power suit. This extends the eight hour supply in the trooper's armor to nine hours before becoming exhausted. This reserve unit replenishes itself naturally over the course of 24 hours in an oxygen rich atmosphere. With the right equipment it can also be replenished in the field.
Jump jets
The reason for the word "bounce" in a troopers' terminology, jump jets are situated in both a troopers boots and his\her armor as a collapsing backpack unit. Using jump jets, troopers can fly over limited area and reach elevations of up to 200 feet. Jump jets use fuel and can only carry a trooper for 1,000 feet before needing to be recharged.


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