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The Luna Base in the 1997 film Starship Troopers

Luna Base, as its name suggest, is a base on Earth's moon, known as "Luna" in Latin.

Starship Troopers novel[]

Luna Base is the Terran Federation's Sol system base used to protect earth from enemy attacks and to house the Space Navy.

Starship Troopers anime[]

After a period of the training in Camp Arthur Currie, the Mobile Infantry trainee were transfer to the Luna Base to receive further training, including outer space training and a simulation war to take down a fort. "Maria"

Starship Troopers film[]

This Luna Base is a base in the orbit of Earth moon. In terms of design, it is an artificial planetary ring, which allows massive interstellar craft dock with it easily. It's safe to assume that it is the Federation Navy's largest base, strategically located in proximity to Earth and massive in capacity.

The Lunar Base can house countless ships of almost any size, including Corvette Transports, Dropships, DR-8 Skyhooks, F-76 Thunderbolt, and possibly an Admiral's Boat. The defence mechanisms of the Lunar Base are Missile defence turrets and other small turrets.


  • It is unknown how long it took to construct the base in the film universe. Seeing how it encircles the entire Moon, it must have taken decades to complete. A fairly basic approximation gives the length of 6400 km of a ring suspended 300 km above the surface.

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