This page is about the film character, for his counterpart in the novel, see James Will.

Lieutenant Willy was the commander of Willy's Wildcats during the Battle of Klendathu.

History Edit

During the First Bug War War and shortly before the Battle of Klendathu, Lieutenant Willy was placed in command of the Wildcats, also known as "Willy's Wildcats". John Rico, Dizzy Flores, Ace Levy and most of their training unit were transferred to the Wildcats, who were subsequently ordered to participate in the Corvette Transport Bull Run, via Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga.

When the invasion began, Willy dropped with his unit onto the planet surface. As the commanding officer, he personally led the initial charge as his men advanced towards the enemy. Shorty thereafter, the Wildcats discovered several Warrior Bugs supporting two Plasma Bugs firing upon the fleet, who were still in low orbit at this time. Lieutenant Willy immediately ordered the troopers to vaporize the Plasma bugs with Tactical Oxygen Nukes fired from handheld Rocket Launchers.

After the Plasma Bugs were neutralized, Lieutenant Willy ordered a charge into the valley ahead, thus resuming the Wildcats' advance. While leading a squad, a lone Warrior Bug unexpectedly engaged the Lieutenant Willy, quickly slicing him to pieces before his inexperienced troopers could effectively respond. Starship Troopers


  • Unlike other film characters originating from the novel, Lieutenant Willy's novel counterpart, Captain Willie is never directly mentioned throughout the book.

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"Remember your training, and you will make it back alive!"
— Lieutenant Willy to the new troopers during the drop to Klendathu. Starship Troopers


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