Klendathu is the home planet of Pseudo-Arachnids/Extraterrestrial life form/Arachnids depending on which universe it is in.

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Klendathu is the homeworld of Pseudo-Arachnid. The planet has many Warriors and Workers all over its surface. However, its Brains and Queens live deep underground and are capable of surviving an invasion by the Federal Military.

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Glendathu (グレンダツウ Grendatsū) is a planet in the Glendathu System. It is covered with massive protophyte jungle.[1] It's said to be the home planet or an advance base of the Extraterrestrial life form.[2]

Starship Troopers filmEdit

"It's an ugly planet; a Bug planet. A planet hostile to life as we know it."
FedNet Correspondant[src]

Klendathu is the homeworld of the Arachnids. It is located in the Klendathu System.

The planet orbits a twin star system; one blue and one yellow. It has two moons and borders an asteroid belt that has an unlimited surplus of asteroids that are presumably the remains of Klendathu's twin world. The surface of the planet contains a breathable atmosphere but is arid and extremely mountainous.


Terrain of the Klendathu at night

After the destruction of a Terran capital city on Earth, Buenos Aires (unprovoked by the Bugs), Sky Marshal Dienes launches a full scale invasion of Klendathu — which ended in disaster, costing 300,000 Mobile Infantry their lives, the destruction of several ships and damage of many others.

Sky Marshal Tehat Meru options to fight the bugs by eliminating bug colonies on the other worlds within Klendathu's planetary system first.

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