The name or term "Kitten Smith" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Kitten Smith (disambiguation).

Carl J. "Kitten" Smith[1] was a cap trooper in the Mobile Infantry.


Kitten did basic training in Juan Rico's unit during their days in Camp Sergeant Spooky Smith. He, Rico, and Al Jenkins became cap troopers in Willie's Wildcats.

Later, during the Invasion of Klendathu, he was killed whilst still in the Valley Forge's launch tube, waiting to be dropped as the Valley Forge collided with the Ypres. Starship Troopers


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Well, Kitten Smith had had one repeat one beer with his dinner but he was never anything but friendly and nice. That is how he got his name; the first time we had hand-to-hand combat drill Corporal Jones had said to him disgustedly: "A kitten would have hit me harder than that!" The nickname stuck.
— Johnnie Rico's remark on Kitten Smith. Starship Troopers


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