Katrina McIntire was a soldier in the Mobile Infantry.


Katrina joined the Federal Service so she could more easily obtain a license to have children. Before the war against the Arachnids began, she was member to Rico's squad. After Breckinridge is accidentally killed by Djana'D, while Rico was given ten lashes later, she was visibly devastated.

During the Battle of Klendathu, Katrina was horrified at the sight of Shujumi getting ripped apart, so she broke formation and fled, only to trip, fall and get dragged off into a Bug hole by a Warrior Bug.


  • Although whether McIntire is killed or not is not shown on screen even though it is stated Bugs do capture enemies in Starship Troopers: Dominant Species, original script and commentaries[Detail source needed] have mentioned that those who don't retreat from the Battle of Klendathu are all killed.


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