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Inicial quote M.I does the dying, Fleet just does the flying. Final quote

—John Rico, Starship Troopers

John Rico (film)

Johnny Rico SST 3











1,77 m


Light brown
Black (currently)


Blue (STi)


FederationFlag United Citizen Federation


Mobile Infantry General trooper


Flag of Argentina Argentinian

Family and


Christianism (alledged)

Military service


MI flag small Mobile Infantry


Willy's Wildcats (earlier)

Roughnecks 2-0


Rifleman, Marauder


Camp Arthur Currie


Rico's Roughnecks

Marauder Project

Marauder Team

L-6 Satellite Base


MARZCO (Possibly)


Pvt. - Sgt. - Lieutenant (ST)
Colonel and General (ST:3)

General (STi)


First Bug War, Second Bug War

Real life


Casper Van Dien (ST, ST3, ST:TOM)
David Matranga (STI)



  • Sergio Gutiérrez Coto
  • Javier Gómez


  • Claudio Serrano (ST)
  • Luis Grau (ST:3)


General John D. "Johnny" Rico is an Argentinian general in the Mobile Infantry. John Rico has become over his life in one of the most representative icons of all the United Citizen Federation. Freedom fighter, gallant soldier, brave man, inspiring courage and valor in every battle, clear example for all men and women of the Federation.


Childhood and YouthEdit

Johnny was a student in a high school in Buenos Aires, where he lived, along with his friend Carl Jenkins, and girlfriend Carmen Ibanez. Johnny did not really know what he planned to do after school. Carl and Carmen, unlike Johnny had their eyes set on Federal Service. Starship Troopers

Boot campEdit

Johnny decided to join Federal service to chase his girlfriend Carmen Ibanez, however unlike Carmen, Johnny did poorly in his math tests and joined the Mobile Infantry while Carmen joined the Fleet. Johnny Rico soon found the boot camp more difficult than he anticipated, with terrible injuries being inflicted by the officers and NCOs — particularly his drill Sergeant, Zim — in an effort to train the recruits quickly and efficiently. Johnny excelled at the training and eventually was promoted to Squad Leader. Starship Troopers

After Johnny made an error as Squad Leader during a training exercise, which results in the death of a squad mate, he was punished by public flogging and stated his intention to quit. However, just as he was leaving the camp, a Bug Meteor destroyed Buenos Aires, killing his parents and millions of people. He rejoined his unit and the newly-declared war against the perpetrators of the attack being the Arachnids from deep in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. Starship Troopers

Disaster on KlendathuEdit

Inicial quote Let me tell you something; I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill them all! Final quote

Starship Troopers

The Federation launched a full scale invasion of what they believed to be the Arachnid home world Klendathu; However, this invasion turned out to be a complete disaster with over 300,000 casualties; including several of Johnny's fellow boot-mates. He was one of the few wounded to survive. Starship Troopers

The new unit: RoughnecksEdit

Johnny was then reassigned to another Mobile Infantry unit, the "Roughnecks". Its soldiers were extremely loyal, most of whose lives had been saved by their commander, who turns out to be Johnny's old high school history teacher, now Lieutenant Jean Rasczak. Starship Troopers

Ambush At Whiskey OutpostEdit

After a success raid on Tango Urilla, Johnny's next mission plunged them into a trap, as they were assigned to investigate the silence of an outpost on one of the Bug worlds, Planet P. From the only survivor (and now a post-traumatic wreck) General Owen, they discovered that the Bugs possessed a high intelligence and "sucked" the brains out of humans to learn directly from them. As the troopers realized their situation, a massive swarm of Bugs attack. Lieutenant Rasaczak, Dizzy, General Owen, and lots members of the Roughnecks were killed in the battle. The survivors barely evacuate in a landing boat piloted by Carmen Ibanez and Zander Barcalow.

After a funeral service for Dizzy on the Rodger Young, Johnny's old friend, Carl, now a Colonel in intelligence, gave Johnny and Carmen his unapologetic reason for the deaths of many of Johnny's squad mates — the Roughnecks were used as bait. Carmen was horrified, but Carl let him know that humans were vastly outnumbered and the strategic sacrifice was necessary. Military Intelligence had ascertained that there might be a centralized intelligence, a Brain Bug, on Planet P, and he told Johnny that the Mobile Infantry will return to Planet P and attempted to capture the Brain Bug for research. Johnny accepted the mission and Carl gave him command of the Roughnecks, who were then reinforced by fresh soldiers sent directly from boot camp. Starship Troopers

Hero of the Planet PEdit

During the invasion of Planet P, Johnny went off mission on a rescue mission to save Carmen, who had crash landed in a Bug infested cave with the Brain Bug. When Johnny, Ace and Sugar Watkins reached the cave, a skirmish ensued and Watkins sacrificed himself to nuke the Bug hole after being severely injured. Johnny, Carmen and Ace escaped to the surface safely, where the Brain Bug had been captured by Johnny's former training sergeant, Zim, voluntarily demoted to private in order to be allowed to transfer from training to combat. Johnny, Carmen, and Carl renewed their friendship. Starship Troopers

The Battle of Roku SanEdit

Eleven years on Johnny Rico, now a Colonel, was stationed on the agrarian planet Roku San when the popular Sky Marshal Omar Anoke paid a visit. Off-duty, Rico's old friend, General Dix Hauser got into a bar-fight with farmers protesting the war. During the fight, Rico stopped Dix from shooting one of the farmers. Dix tried to have Rico arrested, but the base defenses suddenly failed. Rico knocked Dix out and leaves to help fighting the Arachnids. When Roku San fell, Johnny was blamed for the authority, setting for execution for insubordination and striking a superior officer. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

The Marauder ProjectEdit

On their way back to Sanctuary, the Fleet's secret HQ, Captain Lola Beck was marooned on a classified planet known as Planet OM-1 with Sky Marshal Omar Anoke. Admiral Enolo Phid suppressed this information, but Dix found out. Dix then rescued and recruited Johnny to rescue the Sky Marshal and Lola, the later being one of the few in possession of the coordinates to Sanctuary, which would cripple the military if the Arachnids learned of its location. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

Great Victory in OM-1Edit

Colonel Rico lead the Marauder Team, an elite team of troopers comprised of his command staff from Roku San with M11 Babar Marauder vehicle suit, on a rescue mission, using the Federation's new weapons. They defeated the Arachnid Warriors on OM-1 and suffered no casualties, rescuing the two survivors. OM-1 was revealed to be the home of the Bug Hive, the Arachnids' ruling body, and Fleet destroyed it from orbit with a planet-cracking Q Bomb. Colonel Rico was subsequently offered a promotion to general, and permanent command of the Marauder Team. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

The John A. Warden IncidentEdit

After the Battle of Fort Casey and the disappearance of the John A. Warden, General Rico ordered the Mobile Infantry A-01 and K-12 team aboard the Alesia to track down the missing John A. Warden, which was later revealed to be hijacked by an Arachnid Queen. The Queen set the ship towards Earth, ready for an invasion.

After failing to intercept the John A. Warden outside the L-6 Satellite Base, General Rico leads the Marauder Team to rescue the survivors on the ship. However, the team was wiped out with Rico as the only survivor. Rico then escaped with Carl Jenkins, Carmen Ibanez, Ice Blonde, Mech, and Ratzass from the John A. Warden with Jenkin's Shuttle before the ship's destruction. Starship Troopers: Invasion

Mars IncidentEdit

After the John A. Warden Incident, Johnny Rico was demoted from general to colonel due to the Federation making him as a scapegoat after the Queen crashed land on Earth. Now, Colonel Rico was in charge of Nemesis, the orbital base of Mars, as well as serving as the instructor for "Lost Patrol", comprising Mobile Infantry trainees from Mars.

Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars


Rico is a natural born leader, who cared for his soldiers and lead by example from a young age. He was the leader and star of his high school football team. In the mobile infantry, he quickly earned squad leader status and despite being demoted multiple times for breaking regulation, or just being a scapegoat, he always ended up leading the charge against the bugs.


Carmen IbanezEdit

Carmen was Johnny's girlfriend during high school. The current status of their relationship is unknown.

Carl JenkinsEdit

Carl is Johnny's best friend.

Dizzy FloresEdit

Dizzy was Johnny's former girlfriend. She had a crush on him since high school. After Carmen briefly broke up with him, Johnny began a new romantic relationship with Dizzy, and they made love. Unfortunately, this romantic relationship was short lived; when Dizzy was killed in the Ambush at Whiskey Outpost, Johnny was devastated over her death, but continue to fight as a soldier, so her death would not be in vain.

Lola BeckEdit

It is implied that Lola and Johnny were former lovers between the time after the Planet P incident and Battle of Roku San. They remain friends.

Dix HauserEdit

Dix is one of Johnny's friends.

Lost Patrol MembersEdit

Although initially perceiving the team as failures for their more relaxed attitude and incompetence compared to most of his comrades-in-arms and other recruits throughout their combat simulation (and even named them as such), Rico nevertheless maintaining his faith in Lost Patrols because they remind him of his early days in Mobile Infantry. To his delight, they make up their lack of training with resourcefulness and loyalty to him that they became as effective as their peers as soon as they enter their first combat at Mars. Moved by their resolve, Rico promised to have them in his ranks and even entrusted Baba to secretly expose Amy Snapp's conspiracy in Bug invasion on Mars to FedNet.


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  • Johnny Rico's service number is 0589 as revealed on his "Death Certificate" as seen in the 1997 film.
  • Johnny was meant to be member of the Mobile Infantry for life and he unofficially became member of Fleet instead.
  • Johnny's middle name "D" is a reference to the producer Jon Davison.
  • In the Enlistment Contracts used in the 1997 film, his name is John A. Rico.[1]
  • Kill Count: 1 Hopper Bug, 1 Tanker Bug, 1 Plasma Bug, 66 Warrior Bugs and 2 humans (1 accidental, 1 mercy killing)= 71 Kills Starship Troopers
  • He's the second confirmed trooper to kill a Warrior Bug in hand-to-hand combat on screen. The first being A-01 trooper, Chow. Although, he is the first one to kill a bug while dehydrated and physically exhausted. In addition, he is the only one to survive the fight.



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