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The John A. Warden Incident is an engagement that occurred several years into the Second Bug War when Arachnid Forces under a Queen Bug being held captive onboard the John A. Warden broke free and captured the Starship, using it to attempt to land an invasion force on Earth.


While the A-01 and K-12 were going back to Terra, General Rico gave them a new order: finding the lost John A. Warden, which was taken by Carl Jenkins from its captain, Carmen Ibanez. Major Varro was released to take the lead under K-12 Team members' request.

Upon reaching and boarding the John A. Warden, they found all personnel of the ship were killed, except for Carl Jenkins After they reactivated the generator, the mission turned into a disaster, since the Queen Bug had controlled the whole ship, destroying the Alesia before setting out to Earth.

After the John A. Warden reached the orbit of Earth, the Queen destroyed three Starships trying to intercept it and entering the Earth's atmosphere. General Rico lead the Marauder Team to rescue the survivors on John A. Warden before L-6 Satellite Base was to deploy several nuclear warheads onto the crash site. The nuclear warheads eventually were launched against the John A. Warden whilst the Roughnecks were still onboard. However, they were destroyed by the John A. Warden's turrets. To prevent an Arachnid outbreak, the Roughnecks 2-0 placed C-4 explosive on the ships engines then just barely escaped using Jenkin's shuttle that was still docked to the ship.

In the end of the engagement, though the Queen Bug was killed, the A-01 and K-12 were nearly wiped out, only three Roughnecks members survived. The Marauder Team also had five Cap troopers killed in action. Starship Troopers: Invasion

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