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The name or term "Rasczak" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rasczak (disambiguation).

Lieutenant Jean Razak (August 11th, 2040 - September 24th, 2080) was a leader of the Roughnecks. He is based on Lieutenant Rasczak from the novel and Jean Rasczak from the 1997 film.


Razak is a seasoned veteran who has been decorated ten times for meritorious service. He is described as having "broken the mold" of trooper officer behavior. Razak's left arm is a mechanical prosthetic, the legacy of his first command where the entire squad was ambushed and only he survived. He later dies a heroic death to save Rico in The Homefront Campaign.


"Let go."
—Lieutenant Razak's last words before his death

During the Homefront Campaign episode, at the river of San Fransisco near the Golden Gate Bridge, the Roughnecks were attacked by Bugs including Hoppers, Kamikaze Ripplers, Water Tigers and one Water Rhino Bug. One of Water Tigers pinned Rico down. Razak rescued him but it resulted in him being attacked and chased by Rhino Bug. Although the Roughnecks tried to save him, the Rhino was too fast and it grabbed and dragged him into the water. Realizing that he won't make it and chosing to die in honor, Razak grabs a grenade and activates in before being pulled under water. The ensuing blast killed Razak and the Rhino. The episode was closed with a scene of Razak's left prosthetic arm laying at the bottom of the San Francisco Bay. It was presumably recovered to serve as his ashes for a belated funeral to be held at Luna Lake two days after his death.

C.H.A.S. Data[]


This data was extrapolated from the Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System's heads up display during the episode "Of Flesh and Steel".


Lieutenant Razak carries a hardworking, disciplined, no compromise, yet understanding personality. Whatever his troops' problem may be, Razak's constant, stern, motivational attitude made him a bold mentor, a dignity bound leader, and sometimes even a caring father figure. His exemplary leadership abilities, combined with his squad's skill allowed them to become one of the most effective and meritorious units in all of the Mobile Infantry, allowing them to be tasked with the most special of missions.


  • Razak's birthday is disputed with it being listed as Aug 11th, 2040 during the episode "Funeral For A Friend" but as 7-28-70 when scanned by Chas.
  • The quote on his urn is "For I have loved the stars too fondly to be afraid of the night."
  • His death was one of the most surprising parts of the story for all Roughnecks fans.
  • The death of Raszcak was also became the turning point of Rico's personality.




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