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The name or term "Rasczak" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rasczak (disambiguation).

Inicial quote.png I only have one rule — Everyone fights, no one quits. You don't do your job, I'll shoot you myself. Final quote.png

—Jean Rasczak speaks to the newcomer., Starship Troopers

Jean Rasczak was a soldier in the Mobile Infantry. He lost an arm in battle and returned to Earth to teach History and Moral Philosophy at the High School in Buenos Aires, South America. At a certain point after the Meteor Attack on Buenos Aires, he became the Lieutenant in command of the Roughnecks until his death at Whiskey Outpost.


Inicial quote.png I Expect the best and I give the best! Final quote.png

Starship Troopers

Upon enlisting in the Federal Service Jean Rasczak joined the Mobile Infantry obtaining the rank of Private. It was at this time that the United Citizen Federation learned of the existence of the Arachnid species, and the Recon Cruiser Cortez was deployed to Klendathu to attempt to make first contact. Private Rasczak was onboard the Cortez for this mission as part of a Mobile Infantry escort for non-military personal. After the probe sent down to the planets surface crashed it was decided to send a shuttle to the surface with several non-military personnel and their Mobile Infantry escort. The probe was located and an attempt to remove it was made, however, hundreds of Warrior Bugs appeared and engaged the humans. A hasty retreat was made to the shuttle after several casualties and the humans abandoned their surface mission. Just before leaving, however, Private Rasczak's arm was grabbed by a Warrior Bug which tried to drag him out of the shuttle. Knowing he had no other option to save himself, Rasczak had the shuttle door closed, slicing off his arm, but allowing the shuttle to escape. Despite his serious injury, Jean Rasczak recovered, but was unable to continue as part of the Mobile Infantry. The United Citizen Federation, however, got him another job as a teacher of History and Moral Philosophy.[Issue needed]

Jean Rasczak visited the unsanctioned colony Port Joe Smith on Dantana which had been founded by Mormon extremists in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. During his visit, the Arachnids attacked Port Joe Smith, forcing Rasczak to flee on a ship with several other survivors. Insect Touch, part 3

Jean Rasczak for the mean time remained as a teacher in a school in Buenos Aires where John Rico, Carl Jenkins, Carmen Ibanez, and Dizzy Flores were all students of his.

After the Bug Meteor crashed on Earth, Rasczak was re-enlisted in the Mobile Infantry and given a fully functional prosthetic arm and the command of the Roughnecks during several missions in the Klendathu system, including a raid on Tango Urilla.

Later, his unit was given a mission to the Whiskey Outpost on the Planet P. Shortly after arriving the outpost, his unit was under attacked by the Arachnid force. During the battle, he fell into a sand hole created by a Tanker Bug and lost his legs. After his injury, he ordered Rico to kill him, which Rico did by shooting him in the heart before his corpse was consumed by the sand. Starship Troopers




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  • "This is for you new people, I only have one rule. Everyone fights, no one quits. You don't do your job I'll shoot you." — Rasczak introducing himself to the new Roughnecks