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The name or term "Dizzy Flores" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dizzy Flores (disambiguation).

Isabel "Dizzy" Flores is a member of the Mobile Infantry who fought in the war against the Arachnids.


Private Isabel Flores was an old friend of Rico's from high school. Dizzy had a crush on him, which was unrequited; she figured they'd sort out their relationship problems after their tour of duty.

In an attempt to make Rico jealous, She had a relationship with Goss, which ended in the Tesca Campaign. She started a new relationship with Zander Barcalow for the rest of the Tesca Campaign and the entire Zephyr Campaign, which was shattered as Barcalow became an Bug/Human hybrid during the Klendathu Campaign. She eventually redeemed Barcalow in the Klendathu Campaign.

In the Homefront Campaign, Rico eventually admitted being in love with her, but Dizzy rejected it by threatening to file sexual harassment and calling herself a "jinx" as an excuse for not carrying the relationship. Despite being defensive, Dizzy still harbored feelings for Rico. Dizzy was claustrophobic, but lied about it to be accepted into the Mobile Infantry; her phobia was later remedied by Carl Jenkins, who used his psychic powers to give her something akin to a very strong post-hypnotic suggestion.





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