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Ice Bug looking through a snow-covered hill.

Ice Bug at Zephyr's 6 o'clock position, opening his giant mouth, trying to devour the Retrieval Ship. Seconds later, the Bug is blown up.

The Ice Bugs are a massive subspecies of Bugs that are the size of large asteoids and live completely in space.


During their hibernation state, these Bugs resemble enormous asteroids covered with ice allowing many to believe that they were a natural body in space. Many were unaware of the living nature of these floating creatures and only knew that they were unpredictable with numerous disturbances breaking parts of its surface when compared to normal asteroids. These organisms remain in this passive state until food came about that would power it for the next part of its life cycle. They were capable of sleeping for thousands if not millions of years until the right moment when victims came upon it. When it is awakened, the Ice Bug uncurled its body with legs and pincers breaking forth allowing it to move about the vastness of space. The creature possessed a huge mouth that is easily capable of devouring smaller starships and shuttles. The legs also were capable of expelling some form of thrust that pushes the creature through space at high speeds.

The surface of the creature consisted of numerous spiky protrusions. Any objects that came close to these were captured by small tentacles that burst forth from it and captured prey. Furthermore, there were several points in the body which served as locations through which the creature can deploy its eye on a large stalk allowing it to see anything on its surface. Internally, many of the organic traits of the so called asteroid became apparent with large flesh caverns. A centerpiece of its internal physiology is a large green pool that contained a slightly corrosive liquid capable of killing off organic beings or even inorganic ones with simple powersuits. At certain locations, there are also tight passageways where floating blood cells move about as well as a chamber that contained a rich concentration of oxygen.

They also had a symbiotic relationship with the Firefries with the smaller Bugs infesting parts of its body in order to reproduce and the Ice Bug devouring them in order to gain energy.


One such Ice Bug was discovered during the Zephyr Campaign. This giant creature was destroyed by the jettisoned auto-destruct mechanism of the Retrieval Ship Zephyr. Ice Bugs are living asteroids, sleeping for thousands, maybe millions of years until a chance encounter brings them fuel for an interstellar journey of unimaginable devastation. Ice Bugs destroy whole planets. As was found from a tracking scan the Ice Bug the Zephyr had landed on had set a course for earth's solar system.


Perhaps SST3 creature developers were inspired by this Ice Bug when creating the Behemecoatyl Bug.