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"Ice Blonde", or "Ice", is a Mobile Infantry Elite Trooper corporal from the Roughnecks A-01 Team. She is a widow and is eager to return to Earth and reunite with her daughter.


Ice Blonde joined the Battle of Fort Casey to rescue the survivor of the K-12 team, including Bugspray, Ratzass, and Holy Man. She later retreated from the base to the FAS Alesia along with other troopers.

Later in the locker room before going to shower, she met Ratzass and Bugspray. Bugspray introduced themselves while Ratzass tried to flirt Ice Blonde. To his surprise, she walked right up to Ratzass, showing her full nakedness and passing him. Ratzass had no idea how to respond, Bugspray laughed at him upon seeing this.

After the shower, she saw Ratzass was going to have a hand-to-hand combat with Chow. She volunteered to be the referee and banged the gong. When Ratzass got hit and disoriented, she showed him her right breast. Being some sort of encouraged, Ratzass managed to strike back, hitting Chow hard enough to knock him down. In the end, the game was a draw as Ratzass fell down as well.

Upon being called for an emergent briefing from General Rico, she ran to the conference room with Ratzass and Chow. Before the briefing started, she overheard Chase was a psychic and learned that was how he always knew when she was going to take a shower. She was angry about this and questioned him "Do you know what am I thinking now?"

Ice Blonde later joined the mission to search the missing John A. Warden. Before the mission, she saw Holy Man's talisman tattoo and asked him which one would saved him. He points a talisman on his left arm, which he thought that wound save him, and another on his left chest before pointing at her, meaning this one would save her. Later, she take out the photo of she and her daughter. Ratzass saw it and went for a talk. Ice Blonde told him about her daughter and the deceased husband, who died on planet 4976. She was eager to return to Earth to reunite with her daughter.

She was assigned to Team-01 along with Lieutenant Daughety, Trig, Mech, and Shock Jock. Her team was to take Captain Ibanez to the bridge. A while after the John A. Wardern was found, the troopers found out it had been taken over by the Queen Bug. The Bugs destroyed the Alesia and prepared heading to Earth.

After the ship crash landed on Earth, when the troopers were searching the enemies, she was attacked by a Plasma Grenadier Bug out of her surprise. However, Holy Man pushed her away in time but took the hit for her. She was surprised and sad, going to his side and staying with him until Holy Man died soon afterward.

Later, Major Varro ordered her to stay at the airlock and handle Captain Ibanez's safety. When they were under attacked by Warrior Bugs, General Rico arrived with another Roughnecks soldier in Marauder MK-II. A while later, a Landing Ship was going to pick them up, but it was destroyed by the Queen via a mechanical arm and the Roughneck in Marauder MK-II was caught in the explosion and killed. Ice Blonde could do nothing but retreated into the ship again. Carl Jenkins told the survivors that there was a shuttle and Ice Blonde suggested it should be used for them to escape the ship, while Captain Ibanez said it would be impossible because the Queen wouldn't let them escape. She was then reunited with Ratzass and Mech, who set his rest C-4 charges in the engine room. They then headed to the shuttle, except for General Rico, who went to find Major Varro.

After aboard the shuttle, she and Ratzass provided covering fire for General Rico. After Rico entered the shuttle, they escaped the John A. Warden before the ship's explosion, killing the Queen along with the Bugs.

Later, Ice Blonde, Ratzass, and Mech watched the wreckage of John A. Warden and saluted to the deceased troopers. Starship Troopers: Invasion


  • She has many photos of the Battle of Fort Casey in her locker, such the Alesia boarding in the outpost, and Lieutenant Daugherty fighting.
  • Ice Blonde seems to be the only one using Morita Mk III SAW, a much heavier weapon, among the A-01 Team.
  • During the commentary track of the Starship Troopers: Invasion' DVD and BluRay, the filmmakers imply that Ice Blonde is a character that has appeared in the previous movies, but to date she had only been known as "Ice" rather than "Ice Blonde". However, this seems to be an error, apparently.[Detail needed]



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