Feeding on human prey

Hopper attacking Whiskey Outpost

The Hoppers are flying Arachnids that were used on Planet P for hit and run tactics against small units, and as air support for large attacks. The Hopper is essentially a Warrior Bug with wings. Hoppers are swift and agile fliers, but their light and poorly armored bodies makes them vulnerable and easy to kill. They attack enemies either by grabbing and stabbing them with a pincer located on the rear end of its tail, or by swooping down to slash with their claws (usually the enemy's head for decapitation), then fly quickly away before the remaining enemies can have a chance to attack it.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Roughnecks mission to Whiskey Outpost, several Hoppers stalk them, even picking off the Roughnecks sergeant when he moved alone to higher ground to gain a radio signal.

Later when the Arachnids launch their attack against Whiskey Outpost the Warrior Bugs are supported by several dozen Hoppers. One Hopper that is hit and killed in mid-flight by Johnny Rico falls to the ground over General Owen, crushing him.

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