The Homefront Campaign takes place on earth when a huge Arachnid force sneaks onto and entrenches itself onto Earth.

Episode 31: "Trackers" Earth: Day 1Edit

Dozens of Fleet Ships are hunting for the Bug Queen, after she somehow escaped during the M.I. showdown on Klendathu. At the same time, the Roughnecks discover that Higgins had a girlfriend they didn't know about, who just broke up with him. Rico and the others are furious that Higgins knows everything about them, but they know nothing about him. The Valley Forge finally tracks down the Transport Bug in which the Queen escaped and blows it up. Unfortunately, reports of other destroyed Transport Bugs pour in, and Carl realizes these were just decoys to distract SICON forces, allowing the Queen to take an unpredictable, undetected route to Earth. But thanks to Carl, the Valley Forge finds the real transport -- but it's shell is impervious to all weaponry, and it is only 48 hours from reaching Earth. LT. Razak and the Roughnecks embark on a covert assassination mission --sneak in, terminate the Queen, and get out. While the Roughnecks are inside, however, they discover the Queen is too well protected ... and the squad must risk its own lives to blow up the Transport from the inside out. The mission appears to be a success, and the Roughnecks return to Earth, hailed as heroes for ending the war. But when Carl sets foot on Earth, he realizes the Queen is still alive...and she's here.

Episode 32: "Among Us" Earth: Day 2Edit

SICON forces move into peacetime duty after the Bug Queen and her transport are presumably terminated. But Carl insists the Queen is still alive and here on Earth. General Redwing orders him to take some R & R, and the Roughnecks are given their next assignment -- repairing radio telescope receivers on the Jovian Moons. Carl, however, manages to convince Rico that he is right...and Rico, in turn, sticks his neck to out to convince Razak. Razak puts his career on the line, taking the squad on a little detour to Little Butte, North Dakota, where strange subterranean thermal readings are occurring. The town appears to be ultra-normal, until the Roughnecks come under attack by strange human residents who turn out to be bugs cloned with human DNA. The Roughnecks uncover a Bug plot to infiltrate Earth society and sabotage 50 major targets around the world, including a Cold Fusion plant in North Dakota. The squad saves the plant, but other targets are lost by SICON - and the bug war has now come home.

Unfilmed: "Homefront" Earth: Day UnknownEdit

  • Note: This episode was scrapped

When the Bug Forces launch a devastating surprise attack on Buenos Aires, nearly destroying the city, the Roughnecks are sent in as part of a massive ground troop assault. Rico, Carl and Dizzy are particularly affected by this tragedy, as Buenos Aires is their hometown -- and none of them know whether their parents are alive or dead. While Dizzy becomes frantically obsessed with finding her parents, Rico reveals he hasn't talked to his mother or father since the beginning of the war - triggering a crisis of conscience. Meanwhile, Razak's Roughnecks battle what they believe to be several new species of bugs -- tracking them through the sewer tunnels. But each new species seems resistant to different types of weapons. Ultimately, the Roughnecks discover these bugs are not new species, but new mutations of the same species - mutations caused by exposure to radioactivity inside SICON's main weapons plant. Dizzy later discovers her parents are dead while Rico's parents are missing and unaccounted for.Later in the game it becomes known that the Bug Queen is holding them prisoner. The Bugs also capture a Cold Fusion reactor core and rig it with an Ion detonation trigger to make a Fusion bomb which they plan to use to blow up Washington DC.

Episode 33: "Hide N' Seek" Earth: Day ?Edit

SICON officials discover a massive bug mound outside of Buenos Aires. Believing the bugs are mobilizing for another assault on the city, SICON forces try to bomb the hill from the air, but Plasma Bugs keep changing locations, and three different air sorties fail when the planes are shot down by plasma fire. The Roughnecks and four other squads are called in to launch a covert ground attack on the Plasma Bugs, taking out their positions so Fleet can bomb the bug mound. One of the squads winds up tripping off the bugs to the mission, but as a result, all the Plasma Bug positions are revealed at once. Razak organizes a massive ground missile attack on the mound, bringing the entire structure down and wiping out the bug compound. During the mission, Dizzy is almost killed and Rico professes his love for her. Dizzy, however, tells Rico that he can't love her - she's a jinx, and everyone who loves her suffer some horrible fate. When he argues, she reminds him of his rank, calling his behavior inappropriate. But when Rico walks away, hurt, it can be seen that Dizzy didn't mean it. She still loves him.

Episode 34: "Requiem" Earth: Day 210Edit

When it is discovered that the bugs have a vast network of tunnels and colonies beneath San Francisco, S.I.C.O.N. decides the only way to ensure victory is to nuke the city - destroying everything above and below ground. And because an evacuation of that size would kill many people, as well as tip off the bugs, it is also decided not to warn the civilian population. Lt. Razak protests this action, and is joined by his old INTEL nemesis Lt. Earle Walker. Skymarshall Sanchez gives Razak and Walker 24 hours to accomplish an alternative plan: blow massive holes in the underwater sections of the bug tunnels, allowing water to rush in and flush out the subterranean threat all at once. If they fail, however, San Francisco will be destroyed by SICON - along with the Roughnecks and Walker's Rangers. The mission is a success, but Razak is killed by a giant Rhino Bug during the final moments of the operation. Rico is an emotional basketcase -- and the Roughnecks must deal with Razak's death, as the war with the bugs grows more intense on Earth.

Episode 35: "Funeral For A Friend" Earth: Day 211Edit

The Roughnecks are being split up. They just have time to honor Lt. Razak's Last Will and spread his ashes over Luna Lake in Colorado. They are joined by Razak's former love, General Redwing, and by Sgt. Brutto, who's now a paraplegic who doubts his own worth. The unprepared squad stumbles on a Bug operation, and Redwing and Higgins are captured. Sgt. Rico takes command, and, with help from Brutto, saves the hostages and destroys the bugs. Redwing offers Rico a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant. He accepts to keep the squad together. They then spread Razak's ashes over the Lake.

Episode 36: "Spirits Of The Departed" Earth: Day 213Edit

The Roughnecks, with Rico as their new Lieutenant, are re-routed to SICON HQ in Oahu to help defend the island against an expected Bug attack. Rico's not comfortable replacing Lt. Razak, and his situation isn't helped by the addition of two new men: Pvt. Max Brutto (Sgt. Brutto's trouble-making teen-age son) and Sgt. Charlie Zim, Razak's best friend and Rico's former Drill Instructor. The Bugs launch an overwhelming attack, And Rico at first falters, but he eventually pulls it together and becomes a real leader. Unfortunately, SICON is forced to evacuate and abandon the island, and Carl informs his friends that the worst is yet to come.

Unfilmed: "The Gates of Hell" Earth: Day UnknownEdit

  • Note: This episode was scrapped following the cancellation

After a little prompting from Carl, Rico and Dizzy decide to pursue a relationship. But as SICON attempts to retake Oahu, Honolulu, City Hall and SICON HQ, Rico becomes dangerously overprotective of his new "girlfriend." After the victory, Rico and Diz sadly agree to table their feelings until the war's over. Seconds later, Sky Marshal Sanchez arrives at SICON HQ to congratulate his men. Suddenly, a huge pit opens up under the building -- and Sanchez is taken down into the pit by the Bugs.

Unfilmed: "Circle of the Damed" Earth: Day UnknownEdit

  • Note: This episode was scrapped following the cancellation

SICON HQ is destroyed by the Bugs and the entire headquarters sinks underground into a huge caldera five miles across dug by the bugs. SkyMarshall Sanchez is captured. The final battle to destroy the Bug Queen will be waged under the earth. SICON forces move underground, passing though the "Circles of Hell" like Dante's Inferno, finding villages and prisoners of war in the successive underground layers.

Unfilmed: "Final Inferno" Earth: Day UnknownEdit

  • Note: This episode was scrapped following the cancellation

150 Marauders designed to fight in lava start the final assault on the Bug Queen as she lures them into the deepest levels of the huge cauldra that was once SICON HQ. The first 100 will clear the first level so 50 can pass to the second; they in turn will enable 10 Marauders to pass to the next level (Guess which ten!) These will in turn enable one Marauder to reach the Queen for the final showdown!

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