This page is about the ship from the film universe, for the ship from the novel, see Geronimo (novel).

Geronimo (185)
First appearance Second Bug War
Race Human
Type Corvette Transport
Weapons Turrets (presumably Energy weaponry)
ID 185
Affiliation Fleet Pin Fleet
Function Transport
Commanders Captain Lola Beck
Military Crew

The Geronimo (185) was a Corvette Transport that was captained by Lola Beck during the time of the fall of Roku San. The Geronimo was the chosen flagship of Sky Marshal Omar Anoke until its destruction over planet OM-1 when hit by Plasma Bugs.

History Edit

The Geronimo was present over Roku San during the Battle of Roku San. Sky Marshal Anoke wanted to perform a surprise inspection of Roku San's military assistance base, and was taken there on the Geronimo.

After the attack on the base, where General Hauser along with several Marines rescued the Sky Marshal, and returned him to the Geronimo. Onboard Captain Lola Beck ordered the bridge crew to go into warp whilst she visits the Sky Marshal. During her visit to Anoke's quarters where his assistant Holly Little was preparing his dinner; several plasma bursts hit the ship forcing it out of warp.

Lola Beck insisted that the Sky Marshal, went to his personal dropship as a precaution, and ordered the Marines to come and escort the Sky Marshal. Upon the way the Marines got cut off from the Sky Marshal and crew by a large explosion. The ship rumbles, leading the crew to realize that the secondary reactor has exploded. Bull Brittles, the ship's chief engineer, then stated that if the primary reactor was destroyed, the whole ship would be destroyed. They escape in an escape pod whilst the Marines exit onboard the Sky Marshals Boat. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

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  • It is assumed that the burning ship was soon destroyed before any more crew could escape, however, this is neither confirmed or denied as the ship is neither seen or mentioned again.

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