Mobile Infantry soldiers retreating

A general retreat is a phase in a military operation wherein the military forces enact a controlled withdrawal from the battlefield in a nominally organized manner. Contrast with a "rout", wherein the retreat is disorganized and uncontrolled.

A general retreat was issued by the Federal Military during the Battle of Klendathu (disambiguation).

Starship Troopers novelEdit

During the Operation Bughouse, a general retreat was called since the Mobile Infantry had suffered a great casualties. Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers film universeEdit

During the middle of the Battle of Klendathu, in which thousands of Mobile Infantry soldiers were deployed, a general retreat was called shortly after the deaths of Lieutenant Willy, Shujumi and Katrina McIntire. Dizzy Flores was informed about the retreat, and told Rico, Ace, and Kitten about it. Of course, all the surviving soldiers obeyed, and began to retreat. While retreating, Kitten Smith was maimed by a Warrior Bug. Even with the retreat, 300,000 troopers and Fleet personnel were slaughtered in less than an hour on the ground and in orbit.

During a Federal meeting, Sky Marshal Dienes took full responsibility for the heavy losses and resigned. Sky Marshal Tehat Meru was his successor. Starship Troopers

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