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Body Armor
5342324 std
Type Standard issue body armor
Service History
Introduced Unknown

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

MI flag small Mobile Infantry
Fleet Pin Fleet
Military Intelligence
Production History


Produced Unknown

The body armor of the United Citizen Federation is one of the best-known hallmarks of the film series. The body armor worn by the Mobile Infantry and some Fleet personnel is composed of a single piece of an unknown material. Straps used for carrying equipment and ammunition are worn down both sides and near the bottom. There are depressions in the armor that run from the edges and turn down slightly to meet in a shallow 'v' along the center.

Though the material the armor is composed of is unknown, it appears to be a flexible composite. The armor is ineffective against close-quarters Warrior Bug attacks, as there are a great number of occasions when even glancing blows from Arachnid mandibles have pierced the armor. It also seems to be of reduced effectiveness against contemporary rifle projectiles.

Fleet VersionEdit

The Fleet version of the Body Armor is basically the same design, except for two differences: The torso piece and helmet are colored black, while the Fleet badge is present on the front of the helmet.

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