In order to become a citizen in the Federation, a civilian must serve in the Federation or another capacity such as teaching, being experimental subjects, for at least two years.

In order to ensure that only those who are serious about joining the Federal Service are accepted, the government places a double or even triple amputee at the front desk. This sends a message that time in the Federal Service is indeed dangerous.

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The Terran Federation employs its Armed Services for military operations across the galaxy.



The original oath (From Robert A. Heinlein's novel) is over three times the length:
I, being of legal age, of my own free will, without coercion, promise, or inducement of any sort, after having been duly advised and warned of the meaning and consequnces of this oath, do now enroll in the Federal Service of the Terran Federation for a term of not less than two years and as much longer as may be required by the needs of the service. I swear to uphold and defend the Constituition of the Federation against all its enemies on or off Terra, to protect and defend the Constitutional liberties and priviledges of all its citizens and lawful residents of the Federation, its associated states and territories, to perform, on or off Terra, such duties of any lawful nature as may be assigned to me by lawful direct or delegated authority, and to obey all lawful orders of the Commander-In-Chief of the Terran Service and of all officers or delegated persons placed over me, and to require such obedience from all members of the Service or other persons or non-human beings lawfully placed under my orders - and, on being honorably discharged at the completion of my full term of active service or upon being on inactive retired status after having completed such full term, to carry out all duties and obligations and to enjoy the privileges of Federation citizenship including but not limited to the duty, obligation and privilege of exercising sovereign franchise for the rest of my natural life unless stripped of honor by verdict, finally sustained, of court of my sovereign peers...
So help me God.
It is not known whether the religious affirmation at the end is mandatory or not.

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Great Seal of the Terran Command

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Courage. Duty. Honor.

The Federal Armed Services (FAS) is the umbrella name of the primary defense force and military operations branch of the United Citizen Federation. It is used in times of both peace and war, and is the primary method used by civilians to gain franchise and become Citizens through serving for a term of service no less than two years.

The FAS consists of the Mobile Infantry, Fleet and Military Intelligence operational units and is considered the backbone of the Federation, defending its borders, protecting trade routes and invading enemy territory.

With the losses sustained in the Battle of Klendathu demand for civilians to join the Federal Armed Services dramaticaly increased which likely lead to measures such as placing amputees at recruitment desks to be lessened.


There are four known operational divisions within the Federal Armed Services:



Oath to the Federation

I, being of legal age, of my own free will, after having been duly advised and warned of the meaning and consequences of this oath, enroll in the Federal Service for not less than two years and as much longer as may be required by the needs of the Federation.

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